The Unemployed Person's Handbook: 100+ things to do if you are ever unemployed for any reason

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Contrary to what they might say, being unemployed is a time to reboot, life doesn't stall, ever, use the time to learn new things and fill up all the blanks in your career as well as life. This is a list of 100+ things to do if you are ever unemployed for any reason.

[From the 100 Ways To Be Being Remarkable Series, a special project that brings you business and self-development advice from The Success Manual. ]

First, make yourself stronger
Think Positive
Learn from example of famous people who faced hard times
Be Fearless
Be Persistent
Be more focused in life
Discover your life purpose: Why are you doing what you are doing? Use your purpose to streamline goals and start working.
Have a life plan
Simplify your life
Make the world a better place
Live in present
Learn to be Creative
Read some great books to expand your horizons
Look after your health
Inspire and motivate yourself

Learn some new skills that make life easier
Teach Yourself
Try to master you domain
Learn to meditate
Learn to manage your time better
Consume less energy without compromising on comforts: Save Gas, Cut down on energy waste in your house.
Learn to save money: Cut down on your wasteful expenditure. Adopt frugal shopping habits. Eat outside less. Do comparison shopping online for any purchase.
Learn to sell
Learn to solve problems
Learn to excel at the workplace
Learn to persuade
Manage Conflicts Among People
Learn some Business Shorthand
Learn to connect and influence people
Learn to deal with difficult people
Learn to give great presentations
Learn to negotiate
Learn a foreign language
Learn to create and work in teams

Improve Your People Skills
Be Kind
Be interesting
Be more photogenic
Make someone happy
Have a high Emotional Quotient (EQ)
Learn to listen better - Try active listening
Learn to talk well
Learn to communicator better with others
Learn to speak well in Public
Learn to understand Body language
Control Your Anger
Develop a Charisma - Think of other people over your self

Learn to be more Productivie
Be effective in life and at work
Set your goals properly
Master your time: Get up on time. Beat procrastination. Eliminate distractions. Be punctual. Use a calendar.
Improve your memory
Learn to analyze
Learn to manage incoming projects and to-do lists, and prioritize them accordingly.
Learn to read fast
Turn difficult tasks into easier ones by breaking them down and taking it day by day.
Prepare a to-do list
Learn to manage Meetings

Improve your Computer and Internet Skills
Master your E-mail
Master Twitter
Use free online tools to build your business
Be a professional Blogger
Learn to use Social media
Master Facebook
Master Flickr
Master Firefox
Learn to use VoIP
Master Podcasting
Learn to type
Learn to telecommute
Master Internet search Using Google
Learn to connect with fellow industry peope using LinkedIn

Improve Your Writing
Get better at business writing
Get better at online writing
Learn from great writers
Learn to write persuasively

Get better at making and managing money
Learn to Make Money Online in your Spare Time: 50 Ways & 150 sites
Learn what it takes to become rich
Learn the power of compounding
Learn Money-saving tips from Suze Orman
Learn to haggle
Find bargains:
Start with Google.
Cut down on your bills by stopping doing wasteful things.

Start Doing Things Now
Build Your Own Personal Brand
Refurbish your Portfolio/Resume
Start Searcing for Jobs online
Start working for yourself
Promote your freelance business
Promote your business (and yourself) online
Stay on top of industry news: Use Google news, Google blogsearch, Twitter etc.

Advice for Unemployed People
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How to Survive Without a Job
Facts About Unemployment Insurance Guide
US Department of Labor
The Unemployment Handbook
The Riley Guide to scams and schemes in work and employment services
Fake Checks: Many scams for job seekers involve fraudulent checks. Learn how to spot one, watch a video, take the test, and more

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