25 Great Videos That Inspire Me To Be Better

Posted on October 25, 2016 By thesuccessmanual Topic: Video, Remarkable

Whether you are a CEO, student or a potential world changer, I hope you find this simple list of videos that have inspired me, useful.

1. Randy Pausch: Last Lecture: How to achieve your dreams and what it takes to be a good person. Randy Pausch passed away in July of 2008 from pancreatic cancer.
2. Great Quotes from Great Leaders Movie: Great bits of wisdom from people who have shaped history.
3. Inspiring Speeches of the 20th Century: As the title says.
4. 40 Inspirational Speeches in Two Minutes: All the great speeches from the movies.
5. Al Pacino's Inspiring Coach Speech in Any Given Sunday
6. Mel Gibson Inspiring Warrior Speech in Braveheart
7. Robin Williams' Inspiring Teacher Speech in Dead Poet 's Society: 'Carpe diem' - Seize the day.
8. Anthony Hopkins' Old Man 'Can Do It' Speech in the World 's Fastest Indian
9. Steve Jobs Commencement Speech: Great speech Apple's co-founder gave for Stanford 's class of 2005. How to persevere, make a career and a life for yourself, even surviving all failures.
10. Comedian Conan O 'Brien 's Harvard Commencement Speech: Another one from commencement speeches hall of fame.
11. Film Director Baz Luhrman's Funny Commencement Speech
12. Think Different: Great Apple commercial about great men who thought outside of the box - Einstein etc.
13. Famous Failures: Some great leaders and thinkers who failed repeatedly before they made it.
14. 100 Ways to Show Children You Care: Don't let them believe men over 30 are evil.
15. Why Aren 't We All Good Samaritans? : Daniel Goleman, the man who coined the term 'Emotional Quotient' examines what makes a good samaritanism.
16. Hans Rosling On The Best Stats You 've Ever Seen: Mind-opening facts about the developing world and what needs to change in the world.
17. How to Regrow a Rainforest: A Biologist Willie Smits explains how it is possible.
18. Al Gore on How to Avoid the Dangers of Climate Change.
19. Jamais Cascio on tools for a better world: Another great 'How to Change the world' video.
20. Waste = Food: How we can reuse, recycle, and avoid wastage.
21. Dave Eggers: Once Upon a School: Author Dave Eggars has his hands full. He also runs the 826 Valencia tutoring centers for spreading artistic ceativity among students.
22. Steven Pinker and the Myth of Violence: Pinker's great idea here is that contrary to all opinion, we are living in one of the most peaceful times in human history.
23. Barack Obama: Yes We Can: Is this the speech of 2009? The sppech that won Obama his presidency?
24. Battle at Kruger National Park: How a herd of Buffuloes teamed up to save their young one from a pride of lions.
25. Baboon Escapes Death: How a young baboon escapes from the jaws of a crocodile. Persistence pays.

26. One Red Paperclip: How Kyle MacDonald traded his way to a new home, starting with just a single paperclip. You can something out of nothing.
27. Eye to Eye: Dustin Carter: How a boy without arms or legs overcame all obstacles to fight a wrestling match,

Note: I also wanted to suggest Half Nelson too: A warm story about a charismatic young teacher who is trying to overcome his drug problem.


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