What 40 Great people did before they became famous

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what great people did before they became famous

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ISAAC NEWTON -Scientist  - Worked As A Servant To Pay His Way Through College.
MAHATMA GANDHI - Freedom Fighter - Lawyer in Bombay and Then In South Africa
EINSTEIN - Scientist - Patent Examiner
HEMINGWAY - Author, Reporter - War Ambulance Driver
BILL GATES - Co-founder - Microsoft - Congressional Page
TOMMY HILFIGER - Fashion Designer - Ran A Design Store In The Trunk Of His Car
MADONNA - Singer /Pop Survivor - Dunkin' Donuts Counter Girl
JACK NICHOLSON - Actor - Mail Room Worker
STEPHEN KING - Author - Janitor
WESLEY SNIPES - Actor - Parked Cars
ROD STEWART -Singer - Grave Digger
MORGAN FREEMAN - Actor/Voice of God - Dancer
ROBIN WILLIAMS - Actor, Comedian - Street Mime Artist
WHOOPIE GOLDBERG - Actor, Comedian - Bricklayer, Funeral Home Makeup Artist
HITLER - Murderous Dictator - Postcard Painter
CHRIS TUCKER - Actor, Comedian - Fast-Food Restaurant Cleaner
EDDIE MURPHY - Actor, Comedian - Shoe Salesman
SYLVESTER STALLONE - Actor - Lion Cage Cleaner
CHRIS ROCK - Actor, Comedian -  Busboy, Mental Health Orderly, Truck - Unloader
WILL FERRELL - Actor, Comedian - Newscaster
MICHAEL DELL - Founder- Dell Computer Dishwasher
SEAN "DIDDY" COMBS - Musician/Fashion Mogul - Paperboy
POL POT - Murderous Dictator - School Teacher
OPRAH WINFREY - TV Talk Show Host - Reporter
TERI HATCHER - Actor - Cheerleader
JENNIFER LOPEZ - Actor, Singer - Legal Assistant
BENITO MUSSOLINI - Italian - Dictator Writer
FIDEL CASTRO - Long-lasting Cuban Dictator - Ballplayer
BILL MURRAY - Actor, Comedian - Sold Chestnuts Outside A Grocery Store
RUSH LIMBAUGH - Radio Talk Show Host -  Shoe Shiner
JERRY SEINFELD - Actor, Comedian - Sold Light Bulbs by Phone
DEMI MOORE - Actor - Debt Collector
DAVID LEE ROTH - Musician - Hospital Orderly
JENNIFER ANISTON - Actor - Waitress
BRAD PITT - Actor - Moved Refrigerators; Dressed as a giant chicken for restaurant.
STEVE JOBS - Apple Co-founder - Called HP President Bill Hewlett for an internship job at age 12 & got the job.
ROBERT RODRIGUEZ - Filmmaker - Funded His Breakout Movie El Mariachi with $7,000 By Serving As Guinea Pig For A New Medicine.

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