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This is Part 1of our Career Handbook series. Here, you will find 100+ tips and links to best career advice on the internet -  covering topics such as essential career blogs and websites, career exploration tools, interviewing advice, online resume hosting, networking tips, using social media and much much more. Read Part 2: The Online Job Hunter's Handbook.

[From the 100 Ways To Be Being Remarkable Series, a special project that brings you business and self-development advice from The Success Manual. ]

Essential Career Blogs and Sites You All Must Read
Penelope Trunk's Brazen Careerist  The best career blog in my opinion.
Tim Ferriss  Blog of the man who became famius for preaching the benefits of smart working.
Tom Peters! Blog of the famous consultant
Chris Brogan -  On Using Social Media
Debbie Weil -  On Online Marketing
Duct Tape Marketing  by John Jantsh  The great marketing blog
How to Change the World by Guy Kawasaki  HIghly readable blog by Guy Kawasaki Employer's Blog    Good blog run by Steven Rothberg
Escape from Cubicle Nation by Pam Slim    The name says it all
Personal Branding Blog by Dan Schawbel   On Personal Branding
Shoestring Branding by Mario Sanchez-Carrion   As the name says
Interview Angel Blog by Brent Peterson 
The Career Makeover Coach by Tai Goodwin 
Ask a Manager by Alison Green  
Ask a Millenial by Adrienne Waldo 
Ask the Headhunter
Job Hunter's Bible
America's Career InfoNet

Know thyself: Seven Tools To Assess Your Career

The Princeton Review Career Quiz: A 24-question quiz from The Princeton Review.
O*NET Ability Profiler: Categorise your abilities in nine categories to find careers that are best for what you can do.
What’s Important to You?: Discover beliefs and values important to you, and analyze how they affect your career choices.
The Ideal Career Interests Game .
Transferable Skills Survey: Use this survey to determine what skills you’ll bring to your new career.
The Career Values Test: Take this test to determine the things that are most important to you in a career.
O*NET Interest Profiler: Discover your level of interest in six different categories with this profiler.

Seven Tools to Explore All Types of Careers
Use this Informational Interviewing Tutorial to learn how to conduct an effective informational interview and discover more about potential new career paths.
How to Find Your Niche
Career Research Checklist: Use this checklist to conduct effective research on potential new careers.
How you can explore and identify your passions, and take action to find a more passionate career.
Occupational Outlook Handbook: A definitive resource that looks at nearly every occupation.
JobProfiles: Find advice from real people about their jobs.
Career Briefs on a long list of occupations.

Ten Tools for Career Change Advice

Ten Steps to a Successful Career Change.
Choosing a New Career Path: This article follows the story of a woman as she transitions from one career to another.
Five tips on career changing -, how to find the right career, and how to land a great new job.
10 action steps to take before starting on a career change.
10 Career Change Mistakes to Avoid
How to handle changes both in job title and industry fields.
Profiles of successful career changers
Career Transition Stages
How to Quit With Style
How to analyze the costs and savings of a career move.

Tools for Salary Advice and Research
Job Search Intelligence's salary calculator
Salary Negotiation Tutorial Quiz [for Australians]

Resume advice and review tools
Damn Good Resume samples
Resume Readiness Quiz
Resume Calculator

Interviewing advice websites
Interview Image Quiz
Job Interview Questions Database for Job Seekers - 150 potential job interview questions
Interview Preparation Quiz [Practice for interviews]

More websites for job seekers [Research companies, jobs, salaries etc.]

How to Network and Make Friends

Offline Networking

How to be sexier in Person
The Art of Schmoozing II by Guy Kawasaki
How to prepare for networking events
Five Things to Do at a Social Networking Meetup
How to shine at Conference Networking
How to Practice Your Networking Skills
8 body language killers.
9 Sure-Fire Ways to Kill Credibility   at a Live Networking Event

Online Social networking
Social Networking in plain English

Networking on LinkedIn
LinkedIn Profile Extreme Makeover by Guy Kawasaki
7 Ways To Generate Business With LinkedIn

Networking on Twitter
Kevin Rose: 10 Ways To Increase Your Twitter Followers

Networking on Facebook
Build a Facebook Profile You Can Be Proud Of
10 Reasons To Use Facebook for Business by Mari Smith

Free eBooks on Networking
Personal Branding for the Business Professional
Smart Networking
The Ins-and-Outs of Social Networking
LinkedIn Lessons eBook
The 10 Mistakes We Make at Networking Events and How to Avoid Them

Greatest Tip on Online Social Networking
Be Useful and don't spam.

Don’t confuse networking with keeping a contact database current. Networking is not about the number of people you are connected to, the real value is in the number of meaningful connections you have.

Essential Career Articles you Must Read
How Teleworking is Good for You.
How to Access the Hidden Job Market - other than the normal job agencies and classified ads, there are other hidden channels to seeking a new job.
One Critical Factor That Will Make Or Break Your Career
Top 5 Reasons to Quit a Job - common reasons to quit your job, and dealing with them.
How to Sell Yourself (and Why Your Career Depends On It)
10 Tips for a Successful Meeting With The Boss
What To Do When The Recruiter Calls
Business Survival Guide: 8 Practices of a Long Term Freelancer
Be Careful How You Say Things
How To Work 9 to 5 and Enjoy It - 8 very good tips on having a worklife balance.
Have Income and a Life, Not a Job - Practical steps to have a non-traditional job.
Tips On How To Develop Patience
Dealing with Difficult People - 5 types of difficult people classified and how to deal with them.

Host Your Resume Online For Free
You can go beyond using the usual Resume sites such as or You can the sites below to create resumes from scratch and get a dedeicated URl for your resume.
Visual CV
Lead You
My Resume Online
hResume Creator
Amiko Online resume generator - Post video resumes
Bighow Resume

How To Build A Social Media Resume
1. Have Your URL ASAP.

Your URL can be as simple as your social media profile e.g. or We have already talked about online resumes above. For example, when you use Bughow resume, you get an URL like this

- Use the URL on your paper resume.
- Use the URL on all of your social networks.
- Use the URL on your business cards and any other marketing materials. lockquote

2. Start with a website or a blog
That is a step up from social media URLS.

3. Put links/details online where recruiters can see these.

Things to put in your online resume site: Press/media, contact, career highlights, distinctions, bio, blog, case studies, about, skills, experience, credentials, intro, consulting, vision, endorsements, resume, newsletters, news & events, volunteer projects, strengths, social networks, interact, demo real, art portfolio, sample projects, personal information, professional information, wiki, speaking events, awards, profile, photos, videos, associations, clubs, technical competencies.

4. Multimedia things to add to your online resume

- A video or MP3 of you answering basic interview questions.
- Video of a talk or seminar you recently conducted.
- Photos of you meeting industry celebrities or business people.
- Audio testimonials from previous clients and coworkers.
- A podcast you have started.

5. Mention your social network profiles - But put only those links that highlight your professional look. You wouldn't want recruiters to know what you did in the party last night, would you?

6. Make it easy for people to share your resume.
Use 'Add This' or 'Share This' all-in-one social bookmarking tools.

Greatest Tip on Making a Good First Impression

To impress the recuiter about your qualification and experience, make sure you understand the critical issues facing your business or the industry.
Every business has half-a-dozen or so critical issues - ones that can hurt it or prevent it from capitalizing on new opportunities or reaching its objective

Greatest Tip on Introducing Yourself
From an article in the Wall Street Journal:

I know that there’s an art to the introduction; too much info and they’ll run for the nearest exit… not enough and there’s no chance for follow-up and continued conversation
I want people I meet to hear more about me and to help me–if they’re so inclined. I never give a pitch asking for a job, instead I present myself as an asset.

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