How to Become Rich and Famous: The 100 words Guide

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This guide belongs to 100 Ways To Be Being Remarkable Series, a special project that brings you business and self-development advice from The Success Manual.

Not all of us can be a movie star or sports star. Winning the lottery is a question of luck. Marrying into is also out of question as most girls look for moneyed people. Getting into crime is an option, albeit filled with dangers and daggers.

How about using other people’s money?
Will you get that business loan? This may work if you plan properly.

Other than that, what does a man have to do to make it big?

1. What is your strongest talent?
Hone it, Build upon it. Use it.

2. Break your big plan into small, manageable parts.
One baby step at a time.

3. Get noticed.
Stand out from the crowd.

4. Learn about your market.
Isolate your target audience.

5. Spend your time well.
Peter Drucker said, ‘we all have the same number of hours. There is nothing more democratic as time’.

6. Grasp the situation and adapt fast.
Be nimble. Is there a Plan B?

7. Associate yourself with the rich and powerful.

8. Be enthusiastic.

9. When you fail, learn from your mistakes, and continue. Start again if you must.

10. Remember the 80-20 rule:

Focus on activities that will bring you most benefits.

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