How to be remarkable #54: Build Teams and Bring People Together for a Purpose

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1. The team leader supports her / his team even when they make mistakes.
2. The team leader criticizes ideas, not the people concerned.
3. The team leader makes her / his objectives clear to each member of the team.
4. The team leader gives out all information they need before starting team work.
5. The team leader develops a comprehensive time plan at the beginning of the project.
6. Clear responsibilities are assigned to each individual in the team.
7. The team leader empowers the team members to take decisions, even risks.
8. Consensus is the natural stage of functioning of the team leader.
9. Progress is reviewed periodically, and the team members including the team leader are regularly evaluated.
10. The team leader always gives the team credit for every job well done.


Ineffective communication – 66%
Lack of effective chartering – 56%
Lack of clarity/understanding of roles – 47%
Keeping morale/momentum high – 44%
Keeping productivity high – 42%
Lack of trust – 36%

Meredith Belbin studied team-based computer games at the Henley Management College ( introduced in 1967) and he identified 9 archetypal functions that go up to make up an ideal team:
1. Plant: creative, imaginative, unorthodox; solves difficult problems. Allowable weakness: bad at dealing with ordinary people
2. Coordinator: Mature, confident, trusting; a good chairman; clarifies goals, promotes decision making. Not necessarily the cleverest.
3. Shaper: Dynamic, outgoing, highly strung; challenges pressurizes, finds ways round obstacles Prone to bursts of temper.
4. Teamworker: social, mild, perceptive, accommodating; listens, builds, averts friction Indecisive in crunch situations.
5. Completer: Painstaking, conscientious, anxious; searches out errors; delivers on time. May worry unduly; reluctant to change
6. Implementer: Disciplined, reliable, conservative, efficient; turns ideas into actions. Somewhat inflexible.
7. Resource Investigator: extrovert, enthusiastic, communicative; explores opportunities. Loses interest after initial enthusiasm.
8. Specialist: single-minded, self-starting, dedicated; brigs knowledge or skills in rare supply. Contributes only on narrow front.
9. Monitor and evaluator: sober, strategic, discerning. Sees all options, makes judgments. Lacks drive and ability to inspire others.

Ineffective use of meeting time – 54%
Ineffective communication between team members – 50%
Lack of accountability – 47%
Individuals who don’t complete assignments - - 44%
Lack of preparation in meetings – 41%
Not everyone pulls their weight – 41%
Lack of process for structuring team and work – 39%
Lack of clear purpose – 3%
Uneven work distribution – 32%
Lack of trust among team members – 29%
Time spent away from “real” job
Length of time it takes to get the team up and running
- Research Survey by The Ken Blanchard Companies

Some suggestions:
- Analyze the skills and strengths of each member
- Brainstorm ideas and form a plan of action
- Allocate tasks and set dates for task completion and regular meetings
- Set up communications - phone numbers, room numbers, e-mail addresses
- Set meeting places - this is absolutely essential at a first meeting
- Keep reviewing progress on the task and on any problems with the group
- Discuss any problems openly and with all group members

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