Making Money Online in your Spare Time: 50 Ways & 150 sites

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I created this simple guide as a handy reference for all creative people who want to make money online - journalists, bloggers, designers, artists, freelancers, photographers and all other creative types I love to admire. There are many sites that will claim to pay users for writing articles, posting in forums, answering in Q&A sites and so on, but mostly these are short-lived, non-reliable affairs. You will find many sites will actually share ad-revenue, which may be too little, in most cases. In fact many of sites in this guide may have stopped paying or have changed their paying policies. So, I strongly urge you to research beforehand. For example, I always start by searching "...... payment problems" in Google. For all the content-based money-making ideas, there will be the "may be" tag mark.

This guide belongs to 100 Ways To Be Being Remarkable  Series, a special project that brings you business and self-development advice from The Success Manual.

Using the sites listed below, and there are more like these out there, you might be able to make some money in your spare time, but nothing beats building a reputation for quality, uniqueness, durability and a habit for persistent promotion. As the cliche says, 'there are no shortcuts to success'. All the same, I wish best of luck to you all.

A tip: If it is possiblefor you can allocate your time to do 4-5 out of 50 ways listed below and make some decent money. I will suggest you make a financial goal, say $100/day and then spread your efforts around. And do not forget to promote your work all the time. Tell me how it works for you.

1. Sell T-shirts: Threadless Redbubble Pikistore Spreadshirt Pikistore
2. Put your art on stuff (posters, coffee mugs, t-shirts, buttons etc.) and sell Cafepress deviantART Zazzle Imagekind Printfection
3. Sell Photography iStockphoto Fotolia Shutterstock Photospin Citizen Image
4. Sell your Photo/Art on Cards ImageKind Cruxy
5. Sell Photoshop vector images, layered Photoshop files, Illustrator files and more GraphicRiver VectorStock Graphic Leftovers
6. Sell Video [mostly ad revenue share] VideoHive ExpertVillage Atomfilms
7. Sell Audio/Podcasts [mostly ad revenue/donations sharing] Jamendo Odiogo Grooveshark
8. Sell Art Artbreak Boundless Gallery Cerizmo I Vote For Art
9. Swap your designs or codes for something else you need, or sell your work outright CoSwap
10. Sell Virtual Goods in Online Worlds Virtual goods are big business on sites such as or World of Warcraft
11. Sell Fonts MyFonts
12. Sell CMS, templates, extensions CMS Market Sitepoint Flippa
13. Sell Affiliate Programs: If you are an expert at anything, people will listen to you. If you use a certain service, product, or program, tell your readers about it & insert an affiliate link. ClickBank Amazon Associates Commission Junction LinkShare Affiliate Fuel LinkConnector Forex-Affiliate AdPlosion ClixGalore RocketProfit :
14. Sell Premium Wordpress Themes: Wordpress is the most popular CMS (Content Management System). Wordpress Designers Theme Galaxy WP Theme Market ThemeForest Templamatic WP Theme Market
15. Resell Web Hosting: A must, especially if you are a web designer, or web person. I use Siteground so I will suggest them, all right. In fact, most big hosting providers have a reseller program.
16. Buy and sell domain names: If .coms are all sold out try out newer extensions. Check for lucrative keywords using Google Adwords Selector Tool and then book domain name. It might work!
17. Design Web sites and Create Web applications for others: Offer your services on sites such as eLance Guru or Rentacoder
18. Provide Private Tutoring/Coaching Online There are sites like (Indian) that connects teacgers with students in America online
19. Write and Sell an E-books, Music DVDs and Sell On-demand Lulu CreateSpace (owned by Tip: Try giving away a few free chapters
20. Sell items on eBay
21. Sell Photobooks on Blurb
22. Sell Cookbooks on TasteBook
23. Sell Music on CDBaby
24. Sell board games and collectible card games The Game Crafter
25. Sell advertising on your game: Kongregate
26. Sell Old Gadgets:
27. Sell Design Fabrics on Demand Spoonflower
28. Make money by doing voice overs online OPuzz
29. Create & Sell toys, housewares, furniture, jewelry, and even electronics On Demand (Using 3D Printing technology) Ponoko Shapeways
30. Upgrade Yourself and Your Services: Because, people will pay more for quality and branding. Learn new things from the Internet. Get in touch with the best in your industry - through social networking sites such as or Start a blog on your industry. Cover all aspects on your industry. Make yourself credible.
31. Sell Ad Spaces on your blog:  Not surprisingly, this segment has the most players. Start by knowing that advertising does not pay enough and supply of ad space far outstrips demand. Google Adsense Text-Link-Ads BlogAds LinkWorth CrispAds Chitika AzoogleAds Vibrant Media MediaFed Qumana PeakClick DoubleClick Tribal Fusion AdBrite ThankYouPages Clicksor IndustryBrains BloggingAds BulletAds : Performance based online advertising network AdsMarket ROIRocket AdKnowledge Yes Advertising RevenuePilot
32. Monetize your RSS feeds: Feedburner Pheedo SearchFeed
33. Create Freemium Web Applications: In the freemium pricing model, general access is free, but for enhanced features users must pay a few dollars per month. Basecamp from is a popular example.
34. Build a Subscriptions/ pay per view website: Where premium content is only accessible by members. This does require that you have initial free content to draw potential subscribers, and for you to build your authority online, in your niche. If you’re successful, the numbers are worthwhile. This mostly works in Monetizable (i.e. where user hopes to make instant money/improvements from the advice) and Business-to-Business markets eg. Marketing Insights, Stock Market Analysis
35. Add a 'Pay whatever you like' button: Freedom to pay. This is what Radiohead did: Some think it is smarter than simply askng for donations.
36. Sell your site/blog: If you have enough capital to build your brand/ presence online, and gain substantial eyeballs in the form of free content subscribers, selling to the highest bidder is a great option.
37. Get paid for writing for other sites: Demandmedia (owner of Mahalo Greenhouse Hubpages Squidoo Creative Web-logging  Suite 101 Daytipper Helium
38. Write paid product reviews ReviewStream PayPerPost Smorty Blogsvertise Review Me ExpoTv (Product Reviews via Video)
39. Promote your design firm and win contracts: DesignFirms Zooppa Minted crowdSPRING 99 designs
40. Make money by doing odd online jobs for others: Amazon Mechanical Turk Virtual Vocations
41. Get paid for using search engines: SlashMySearch Agloco
42. Get paid for doing surveys: Awsurveys Microsoft Marketing Research Focus Pointe Global Google User Research Microsoft Research Panel Surveyclub Surveyscout Opinionsquare
43. Get paid for reading emails: Hit4pay Donkeymails
44. Get paid for answering users' search queries: ChaCha Ether Justanswer
45. Get paid for being a mock juror: eJury
46. Get paid for handling technical support for large companies: Arise WorkingSOL
47. Make Money from Online Investing: E*Trade Financial TD Ameritrade

48. Make Money by working as a Virtual Assistant: Virtual Assistant For You
49. Make money by creating shopping lists [based on clicks made on your choices]: FavoriteThingz MyPickList
50. Save money by using free online services: The internet is a treasure trove for free tools and quality advice on all aspects of your life and work. Start by using free online alternative for all your business software needs. For example, instead of paying for Microsoft products, use free online tools such as Google Docs

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