The 'Hack your Work' Handbook: 100+ Things You Can Do To Enjoy your Daily work

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Work shouldn't a chore. Use this 3-part guide to make your work day more productive and how at the end of teh day, you can have some fun in the office as well.

[From the 100 Ways To Be Being Remarkable Series, a special project that brings you business and self-development advice from The Success Manual.  Also read our handbook series. ]

Part 1: Make Your Daily Work Day Better - a checklist
Think of something to look forward to
Exercise: Take the stairs, for example.
Find the cheapest gas
Keep your cool during commute.
Keep yourself hydrated and productive all day.
Cut down on sodas and coffee. Drink green rea instead.
Eat lean meats.
Delegate: Delegate time-sensitive, mundane jobs to juniors to give yourself more time.
Break things down: Break projects down into individual action items that you can cross off faster.
Identify your distractions.
Use time boxing: Instead of working on a project until you finish, work on it for predetermined time slots, like 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes in the afternoon.
Do unpleasant tasks first.
Filter and file emails.
Use shortcuts: Keyboard shortcuts can make you navigate the web and your files a lot faster.
Use RSS: Subscribe to RSS feeds instead of checking news sites and blogs every 20 minutes.
During Meetings have an agenda and stick to it
Pace yourself : Pace yourself each day and each month to avoid burnout.
Write down your priorities: List your top 5 priorities to help you reevaluate the amount of time you're spending on each one.
Review your goals every day: Remind yourself why you ;re at work each day by keeping a list of goals nearby.
Get a mentor: Find a person who can help you with networking opportunities and point you in the right direction.
Never stop networking.
Stop procrastinating.
Let the small stuff go: You can't be perfect all the time, at work or at home. Accept the fact that you are human, and don't let little mistakes get to you.
Analyze your work space: Evaluate your work space for ergonomics no-nos.
Have a padded seat.
Prevent eye strain
Take stretch breaks: Take 5 minute breaks to strech and get the blood flowing every hour.
Support your back: Make sure your back is supported at the right angle.
Work out your neck: Breathe in, rotate your neck from side to side and up and down.
Be careful of office romances.
Watch your jokes.
Clean up: Take a hot shower or bubble bath to clear your head and start fresh for the evening.

Part 2: Have fun at work
Explore and Learn Busness Issues

Calculators, Planners and Worksheet From Fidelity - Browse 500+ sample business plans.
Minority Business Development Agency Interactive Web Portal
Zoho Projects - Free project management and document creation tools

Create Some Open Content
Wikipedia- Create or Edit Wikipedia entries.
Open Directory Project: Become an editor for the dmoz open directory project.

Plan a Travel Trip
Lonely Planet

Share your Opinion Using Social Media
LinkedIn : A lot of business professionals make contact over LinkedIn, so you don ;t have to feel so guilty spending your time here while you ;re on the clock.
Digg - Read, rate, review and submit news stories on Digg.
Reddit - Like Digg, but with more intelligent conversation
Hacker News - A must for startup owners. : Share or Explore useful links (bookmarks)
StumbleUpon - another great link exploration site.
Yelp :Share or Explore reviews of shopping, dining, lodging, health and beauty, and other services and products in your area and in many other American cities
Ning:Create social networks for your favorite topics.
Meetup : Join a club and plan a happy hour event or party or a simple get together.

Part 3: Have some more fun

Play Games
Discovery GameCentral - Play educational Games
Nobel Prize Educational Games - Play educational Games

Play Trivia Games
Free Trivia Questions, Answers and Facts

Do Puzzles, Quizzes and Brain Teasers
Web Sudoku
New York Times Crossword and Games
JigZone : Solve(jigsaw puzzles)

Explore Virtual Worlds
SimCity Societies

Consume Music and Media
podsafe Music Network [Music]
Pandora [Music]
Google Video
BBC Online
Open Source Movies

Plan Office Parties and Office Games
Party Planning 101
Shaws Party Planning 101: A checklist
Evite: Upload a photo of your logo or office space to customize your Evite.
Use Facebook, Twitter or Meetup to invite others.
How to Plan an Office Surprise Party
How to Decorate Your Party on a Budget
Office Party Etiquette 101
Surprise Party Ideas
Theme Parties
Theme Parties
Games You Can Play in the Office
Truth or Dare Questions
Office Trivia Game
Top 10 Office Pranks Exposed
The Cubicle Prank Toolbox: 25 Great Ideas to Jack with Your Co-workers
Gag Gifts
Set up an office bar
Chips and Dip recipes

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