The Green Business and Career Handbook

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Going green is nso more a matter of liking. Going green is an inevitability that businesses all around the world are slowly but surely warming up to. This simple handbook lists essential resources for green careers and green businesses. Hope you will find this resource helpful.

Green Yourself First
- Cut down on the commute.
- Look for ways to green your own communityneighborhood.
- Do your research.
- Start small.
- Be creative.
- Start a green business - It is not only about a green job. Green businesses give green jobs.

Basics of Green Careers
Get a Job: Top 10 Guides to Finding the Perfect Eco Career
21 Places to Look for Green Volunteering Opportunities
Who is a Green-collar worker?
Green Careers Guide
American Green Careers
ClimateBiz How businesses can become more green and what to do about the business of climate change.
Green Degree [new green degrees and training opportunities]
Green Business Guide: From the US Government
15 Green Business Founders
How to Land a Green-Collar Job : Tips from the American Solar Energy Society.

News about Green Issues

Green Collar Blog
TreeHugger Business and Politics
ScienceDaily Sustainability News ( news about the green tech industry)
Environmental News Network
The Worldwatch Institute’s Green Economy News site
Yahoo! Green

Social Networking on Green Issues
Take Part

Job Sites for Green jobs
@GreenJobs : Follow this Twitter feed to get green career news and job posts.
TreeHugger Job Board
Green Job Network
Veterans Green Jobs
Green Jobs
Green Jobs Network
Jobs for Change
Orion Grassroots Network
Green Collar Economy
Greening Jobs
Big Green Switch [UK]

Government Resources for Green Careers
United States Environmental Protection Agency has a job board
U.S. Department of Energy
U.S. DOE Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy
EPA State Environmental Agencies
EPA's Pollution Prevention Guide
EPA's Spills, Disposal and Site Cleanup Guide
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
USDA [For businesses involved in agriculture or food production]
Natural Resources Conservation Service

MIT Open Courseware for Green Careers
Introduction to Environmental History:How the environment influences society and vice versa
Environment and Society: The environmental and social impacts of industrial society.
Environmental Justice:Environmental policy and planning.
Sustainable Energy: Economic, political, technical and social aspects of sustainable energy.
Fundamentals of Energy in Buildings: How to design and build when you learn the fundamentals of energy in structures.
Environmental Politics and Policy: How environmental legislation is passed.
Chemicals in the Environment: Fate and Transport
Fundamentals of Ecology
Project Evaluations: How to evaluate civil engineering projects according to social and environmental factors.
Transport Processes in the Environment: Learn safe solutions for transporting goods.

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