The best 19 bits of advice for young people and new graduates I ever read

Posted on May 18, 2012 By thesuccessmanual Topic: Remarkable, Commencement address

Google 'commencement address' and you will find many interesting things that are meant to inspire young people on their way to the jungle called life. Most are around the same idea: be prepared for anything. Some, like Vonnegut's 'Sunscreen' address (which he didn't actually wrote) are rollicking reads. But to hear words from a young person is something altogether. Here's one such great read from, titled, Congrats, New Grads! By the Way, You Don’t Know Anything'.
1. International travel is great and all, but it doesn't magically turn you into a genius or a good person.

2. This is the most important thing of all the things: you think you know stuff, but you don't.

You're going to keep learning stuff constantly for the next 50 years or so, so just calm down and let the learning happen.

3. No one wants to hear about your semester abroad in Thailand.

4. Take all the help. Take it!

 If you can, move in with your parents and get an unpaid internship. Then get another unpaid internship. Write a blog or whatever. Get to know people in your chosen field, don't be a presumptuous dick (nobody owes you shit), and remember that it's your privilege (i.e. parents) that got you here. Your responsibility as a privileged person is to not be a Republican.

5. The world isn't fair. I'm sorry. It just isn't. But take the job you have to take, and try and do the work you love in your free time.

6. You look really pretty today.

7. Say yes to everything. Take the meeting.

Any job in the field that you eventually want to get into is better than any job that's not in that field. Pay your dues. Nothing is beneath you right now. And be shrewd.

8. Be nice to your parents, because they are going to die and you will be sad.

9. That said, you should also never ever burn any bridges.

10. You are a no-strings-attached person right now. Congrats!

This is your big chance to be responsibly poor, before your poverty starts fucking up anyone else's life.

11. Unless you are actually poor, you are not actually poor.
Don't get some chip on your shoulder about how disenfranchised you are because all you have is a liberal arts degree and 100 Top Ramens.

12. You should care about politics.

Unless you care about politics too much, in which case please stop caring about politics so much because you're making everyone tired.

13. Invest in potatoes. Any idiot can cook a potato

14. If you must make art about your own life, go for it.

But don't expect anyone to take you seriously until your life actually has stuff in it.

15. Don't believe anything that someone sitting at a folding table on the street tells you.

16. Your time as a libertarian, Buddhist, and/or bisexual is over.

17. It's time to figure out your weird sex stuff.

Don't let anyone tell you what to do with your parts.

18. None of the stuff that you think is a big deal is a big deal.
People have bills to pay! People are busy! No one is looking at you!

19. Don't structure your life based on lists on the internet.

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