The 20 most important things in life

Posted on October 25, 2016 By thesuccessmanual Topic: Remarkable

The most important thing for me in this life is equanimity - it is all a matter of chance or luck. Nothing is in our control. Nothing matters. few will remember we ever existed 100 years from now. Even our descendents will not know our names. But we must do our bit, do what we wanted to, and recognize that all others are in the same positions as ours. I am only simplifying Camus for you here.

That settled, here are some very important things in life that may guide us do our thing:

1. Knowledge

2. Finding out the most important thing in life (it will give you the purpose)

3. Love

4. Ability to adapt

5. Relationships

6. Smile

7. Self Satisfaction

8. Purpose

9. Do what you love

10. Faith (that you will do what you want and not worry about other things - the light may go out any time)

11. Happiness

12. Serenity (and equanimity)

13. Meditation (reflection upon your actions)

14. Metacognition (observing how your mind works - minding your mind)

15. Responsibilities

16. Abiding sense of tragedy (things will rarely go your way but you are still there, in the field)

17. Self satisfaction

18. Rising above our primal instincts (e.g. do not covet your neighbour's wife, your colleague...)

19. Simplicity (simple living, high thinking, and all else)

20. Question everything, assume nothing (question your government, question all authority figures, question the mass media...question your assumptions, banish them)

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