50 things that are not important in life

Posted on October 25, 2016 By thesuccessmanual Topic: Remarkable

Start by not believing what the mainstream media says - that is just some advertising, party position, or business interest posing as news. The ones in bold are my favorites.

1. Updating your Facebook status (and all things facebook - friend count...)

2. The latest celebrity scandal/royal scandal

3. The latest Celebrity fashion faux pas/or Royal faux fas

4. Social networking activity - Tweeting...

5. Fashion

6. Regret (Simply don't do it if you think you are going to regret it - and no long term regrets)

7. What people who you don't know think of you

8. Worrying about things you can't change

9. Making value judgments on others' lifestyles and beliefs. (this is a big time waster)

10. Ayn Rand

11. Conformity

12. Fame. Glory. Fortune (Sic transit gloria mundi)

13. Hatred and petty grievances with loved ones. Life is too short...

14. Catechisms (the bread and butter of all those so-called social media/internet gurus)

15. Grades

16. Pithy advice

17. Rage

18. Calculus

19. US Vice Presidents

20. Indian Presidents

21. Rajya Sabha

22. Guilt

23. External appearance (anything other than clean clothes and clean body0

24. Cable (kill all those monopolies)

25. Competitive Sport (why can't we play just for fun?)

26. caring for what others think of your passions

27. Living by someone else's morals

28. Conceptual Art (for this to be legit, there must be 7 billion conceptual artists in the world)

29. Performace artists (anything other than film, theatre, dance, music is just B.S.)

30. Chasing down every temporary high

31. Fretting over something that has been lost

32. Labels (e.g. Right, Centre, Leftist,Conservative)

33. Online outrage, achieves nothing much, except letting of steam

34. Clicktivism (retweeting something/sharing something doesn't mean you really care or you are helping somebody)

35. Obsession with money

36. Daily worries (most of which have no long term importance)

37. Other people's money (other than friend or family's money)

38. Unrealized opportunities

39. The great ideas you had but didn't act upon

40. Using Mobile while driving.

41. Setting up a Branded Life

42. The pursuit of happiness. Just be.

43. Imperfectness

44. Enemies

45. Critics (they are not in the 'arena')

46. Pride

47. Biased professionalism

48. Relations based on selfishness (e.g. friends with benefits)

49. Friends who are worst than enemies

50. Fretting over age (nothing is permanent, nothing is of any importance, just do your bit, abd do it again, and again...until)

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