Bighow Online Journalism Handbook

The Bighow Handbook to Online Journalism is a free online resource for journalists, bloggers, citizen journalists and anyone else interested in online news..


Contents: This online handbook covers the basics of online reporting, writing for the web and social web, citizen journalism, professional blogging, how to use Facebook and Twitter, how to deal with censorship, list of citizen journalism websites worldwide, list of free tools for journalism and much more...


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The 7 Commandments for New Journalists

1. There is no problem with Journalism.



Don't Save Journalism - Save Honest Communication.

- David Cohn, Founder

2. People pay for high quality journalism.

Look at  The Economist, The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, New Yorker, Atlantic Monthly, Monocle

3. As long as you will cover the news in a no-bullshit way, you will do fine.

People will come read your stuff.

4. Be a good, unique, and valuable journalist.

5. If you want to do journalism, launch a blog right now and get on with it.

If you are unique and fill a need, you will succeed.

6. Learn how to interact with people online -

blog comments, forums, twitter questions and replies, engaging people on social media, encouraging participation, helping people post, moderating...

7. Read good stuff.

Keep yourself abreast of what's new. Read blog posts of these guys and you will do fine - Jay Rosen, Nicholas Carr, Clay Shirky...


Essential Online Journalism Resources

A. 50 most important links on journalism How Tos and Education

B. The Ultimate list of free tools and resources for journalists and bloggers
C.  A simpleguide to citizen journalism sites worldwide
D. Glossary of Useful Journalism, Blogging and New Media Terms

The Basics of The New News Business
1. 14 News Business Models: Which is the best one?
2. What we will and will not miss when newspapers are gone

3. The Ultimate list of web 2.0 tools and ideas for better news sites

4. Journalists who became successful online media moguls

5. What Can Subsidize News? A Checklist


Citizen Journalism

5. Citizen Journalism Basics


Online Journalism Basics

6. The Best quotes for Journalists

7. Basics of online reporting

8. How to Write for the Web

9. How to Write Well Online [ Guide for Bighow Users Applicable to Every Online Writer]

10. 10 things the online journalist must know

11. A simpleguide to what the Internet likes and what to do about it
12. Seven kinds of stories you should be doing often


Blogging Basics
13. Why Journalists must blog

14. A simpleguide to professional blogging

15. The Essentials of Blogging

16. How to Turn Your Blog Into a Book  [new]

17. 7 hard blogging facts behind the myths of blogging as a career choice
18. 7 things you should know about blogging

Blogging Tips

19. A simpleguide to making money
20. Seven successful Video blogging models
21. A roundup of tools and advice for Bypassing Internet censorship
22. How online journalists can use Facebook
23. How online journalists can use Twitter
24. Where to look for writing and reporting jobs


Local Blogging Tips

25. 8 Types of local Bloggers
26. How to Succeed in Local Blogging
27. How to Go after Big Business
28. 15 Ways to Promote a Local Blog

29. Create a Great Local Blog using Wordpress and the Pro Local Theme for Wordpress

Presentations on Journalism

A. The Nine Rules of Online Journalism
B. What is Good Journalism?
C. What is Wrong With Media?

Polls on Online Journalism

A. What will you miss the most when newspapers are gone?
B. Which among these is the best news business model?
C. Who is most useful new media guru?
D. What print media business will you miss most?
E. Which media brand will you miss most?


Journalism Ethics

How to know if you are behaving ethically as a journalist: A Checklist from Prof. Jay Rosen

Jim Lehrer's 12 Rules of Journalism

Free Style Guides on the web
The Economist Style Guide

The Guardian Style guide
BBC News Styleguide - PDF version
Wikipedia:Manual of Style

Wikinews:Style guide

Twitter for Journalists
3 Twitter users you must read daily
Jay Rosen's Twitter feed -
Mindy McAdams Twitter feed
Niemanlab Twitter Feed
Using Twitter to do Journalism
Newsgathering with Twitter
Tips for Live tweeting an event
The Several Habits of Wildly Successful Twitter Users

Presentation: Twitter for journalists

The Use of Twitter by American Newspapers:  A Report from

100 Educational Twitter Feeds for Journalism Students

List of Tweetering Journalists: A Wiki

Prof. Jay Rosen's List of Top Journalists on Twitter


Facebook for Journalists

Facebook for Journalists. Seminar Transcript
Facebook for Journalists: A Poynter NewsU Webinar



How The Guardian Newspaper Does Crowdsourcing in Reporting

How to Succeed in Online Journalism

How to be an Authority Maven: 21 Tips for Keeping Up to Date in Your Niche
How to make money using the Internet [Seth Godin]

Using Social Media to engage the public [for news projects] PDF

How to Get Your Local Online News Site off the ground in seven steps
10 things to consider when choosing the perfect CMS
The MediaGuardian 100 2009 - 100 most influential media people


Guides for Journalism students

Resolutions for Journalism Students, part I - become invaluable, part 2 - network like mad: A Must Read by Suzanne Yada

New Year's Resolutions for Graduating Journalists

Journalism Graduates Need Basic Skills plus Flexibility: A video of interviews with leading experts

Hopes for journalists in 2010 - Market yourself - Brand yourself: A Good Guide by Gina Chen

10 new years resolutions to make you a better multimedia journalist -

Learn a new web skill; Read up on news business; Do innovative things with new tools: A Good Guide by Adam Westbrook

10 Journalism Resolutions for 2010: Focus on Experimentation, Diversity, Collaboration and Engaged Communities

How To Be A Journalism Student: A Wiki

The Journalist's Guide to Owning 2009 and Beyond

The Gawker Guide To A Journalism Career
A reality check of the journalism profession with this gem of an advice, '... there's still a huge news hole to be filled with crap.'
Social Media Journalism - Presentation Transcript
A Free-lance Prototype: Multimedia and Entrepreneurial - Profile of a journalist who may be the prototype for the journalist of the future: a free-lancing, multimedia correspondent who knows how to market his work and live on a tight budget.

How Journalists must use Social Media


The Changing Journalism Education

10 Ways Journalism Schools Are Teaching Social Media
News University Webinars for Journalism students

Best schools for journalism:  List by blogger Jeremy Porter, based on the opinion of his Twitter followers.
The CUNY Graduate School of Journalism - The School that is settings trends for Journalism in the New Media age

How to Build a New Media- Old School Journalism-Hybrid


The Changing News Business

Fact: 8% of Internet Users Account for 85% of all Clicks

List of things you can still charge for on the web

How most advice about saving newspapers is wrong

Postmortem of a dead newspaper

My Crisis Advice to Newspaper Company CEOs: 11 Points to Ponder  - Steve Outing
How SEO is changing journalism
10 changes in journalists role (and 5 things that remain the same)

Gawker completes 7 Years
Content Does not Matter Without the Package

The Rise of the Professional Blogger

Clay Shirky on future direction for News

10 ugly truths about Modern Journalism

If news organizations blocked Google this morning: Nothing much will change

The Rise and Fall of Media: Great Article by David Carr
The Only Qualification for Teen Vogue Interns

10 News Media Content Trends To Watch in 2010: A report from Mashable Blog - mobile news, geo-location-based news, real-time news streams, distributed social news, long-from stories through sharing links on sub-topics, social tv online...



Guides to Innovative Journalism

Dan Gilmor: 22 New Rules for News


#2. We would invite our audience to participate in the journalism process, in a variety of ways that included crowdsourcing, audience blogging, wikis and many other techniques

#10. We would help people in the community become informed users of media, not passive consumers


How a Journalist Engages Fans Online

A writeup about Nicholas Kristof of The New York Times, who has 145,979 fans on Facebook. How does he use Social Media? A summary:

1. Simple call to action - Fan Nick!
2. A specific tab for his upcoming book, Half the Sky
3. Use of boxes to organize content on the page
4. Use of teasers and puzzles to jump start a conversation
5. Asking fans to vote for or pick something
6. Use of video and photography - an image is worth a thousand words
7. The story behind the story - this is very compelling to readers
8. Notes to articles written by others start good discussions
9. The idea that most of the material is real time appeals to online users
10. A short conversational bio with further links to his online presence


Great example of a modern news organization's news plan
This is from the Oregonian Newspaper's new focus.


Our focus in print:
Reveal how power is used, decisions are made and the impact on citizens.
Explain how all manner of things really work.
Question and explore relevant issues in depth, and explain their substance and context.
Introduce people to others worth knowing and to new ideas and innovations.
Tell compelling stories of community.

Our focus online:
Break news.
Encourage, engage and collaborate with communities of interest (both geographic and subject).
Serve as the center and catalyst for community conversations (both geographic and subject)
Aggregate information in broad swaths across topics and provide information on topics of greatest interest/utility
Tell stories with tools unavailable for print.


Source - The Oregonian


Best Practices

Where to find the best in Flash journalism
12 ways to find the best in Data visualization

The future of interactive videos

15 tips for shooting online video
Newspapers on youtube dos and donts
Quick guide to interactive youtube
10 Ways to improve online sports journalism
Online news games are fun (and informative!)
8 Interactive online projects that educate and captivate
10 Inspirational New York Times multimedia and interactive features


40 Online Resources that Every Journalist Should Bookmark


Latest news about Journalism from the aggregators
Alltop Journalism Page: Aggregated news from top 30 or so websites and blogs on the new business Popular Bookmarks on Journalism

Topix Journalism News: Topix aggregates journalism news from thousands of online sources.

New Media News, Tips and Trends
Media Guardian The ever-excellent media coverage from The Guardian newspaper of England
Romenesko Jim Romenesko curates the most interesting news media stories of the day
PoynterOnline The mother of all news training sites
E-Media Tidbits - Group blog at Poynter about new media tips and trends.
PaidContent News about the new media business and not limited to the state of TV and Newspapers alone
Editors' Weblog Great group blog with an international coverage about the new media business
CyberJournalist Jonathan Dube's blog for news trends and tips

Hacker News Don't be put off by the name. This is perhaps the most intelligent niche social news website
Nieman Labs Blog
Clay Shirky Of late, Professor Shirky ahs become the oracle of sorts of new media
Nicholas Carr Great blog by a writer who takes a closer and often contrarian look at new media
Monday Note Really great blog full of deep analysis and tips for new media updated every Monday

Gawker The snark is there but then the writing is so good. No one does a better job at showing the true colors of news brands and celebrities.
Reflections of a Newsosaur Alan Mutter takes a closer look into the evolving news business and the ramifications for journalists
MediaShift Idea Lab Blog on new media trends
Innovation in College Media
10,000 Words Great blog for online journalism tips and news
Contentious Amy Gehran's advice blog for online writing
Mashable Has developed into monster tips and guides blog
BeatBlogging Blog On beat blogging using new media tools.
Eat Sleep Publish News and analysis on the changing news business.
Center for Citizen Media 
Investigative Journalism The Centre for Investigative Journalism News Blog
Photojournalism Multimedia and Video Journalism Robb Montgomery's Blog A veteran video and multimedia journalist
Sans Serif News and trends in the Indian News Media.
State of the Media  A website updated annually with detailed studies on trends for all forms of media - newspapers, radio, TV, websites and more. Download the whole report in PDF format and read it.

Blogs by People Innovating News Media
My heart is in Accra - Blog of Global Voices co-founder Ethan Zuckerman
Buzzmachine Blog of Jeff Jarvis - who doesn't know CUNY's Jeff?
Howard Owens Experienced Journalist
Digi Dave Founder of 
Rob Curley Veteran New Media innovator
Steve Yelvington Experienced news business man
Mathew Ingram Experienced Journalist who gets new media
Invisible Inkling Ryan Sholin A new media star to watch for in future Funder of ReportingOn
Adrian Monck Experienced English Journalist
Publishing 2.0 Scott Carp's Blog - Founder of


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