Will Facebook and Twitter ever make some real money?

Posted on December 22, 2009 By tolstoy Topic: Internet and Websites, Twitter, Facebook, Advertising

Like Facebook before it, Twitter has done deals with cash-rich heavyweights, which has given some hopes that the company is actually profitable. How realistic is that thinking? When you put the revenue into perspective and see how much investments they have so far, a better picture might evolve.


Twitter has received $100-155 million in Funding. Facebook has many times more and much of Facebook's earning is is due 1. Microsoft deal 2. Sale of Virtual goods 3. The controversial social ad system - all there of them are ephemeral at best, nothing like the sure thing Google's adword/adsense system turned out to be. Facebook might have a better chance if the whole internet had chosen to get inside its walled garden.


These are early days, yet folks. or, maybe we will see some timely IPOs in 2010.

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