Annals of Subroto Roy's Foreign Investments

Posted on October 24, 2018 By newsroom Topic: Corruption

Sushanto Roy, Subroto Roy's Son, has reportedly taken up residence in Macedonia.  It is well known that Subroto Roy is facing a long time in jail for his alleged financial frauds in India under the Sahara name...

Edit, Oct 2018: A year after we posted this story, the website we linked to has removed the article about the story following some legal notice from Sahara lawyers. Following a couple of calls from that website, we have removed the link. The website owner was so insistent we even removed the original headline.

Search Google for 'Subroto Roy Family Macedonian citizen' and you will find stories related to this. You can also get the redacted story from So basically, now this brief is a synopsis of Google search results. We shall wait for Google to remove the offending links.

This is the second 'take down' on Bighow. Earlier a prominent news magazine removed a damaging article about the activities of founder of a prominent chain of schools and colleges whilst he was in Germany.


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