What good is an MBA degree?: Let us count the 5 ways

Posted on October 25, 2016 By thesuccessmanual Topic: Doweneedmbas, Mba

That I do not support MBA degree programs is a well-known fact. You can read on the topic here. Most arguments against MBA degrees are like this: MBA grads can't manage, MBA grads can't develop new products, MBA grads can't take risks (they have to be pay education loans and keep up with the Joneses, MBA grads don't have much technical knowledge and can't fathom the market's 'value network', MBA grads don't have much market knowledge, MBA grads feel entitled...and so on

But, come on. MBA degrees must have some plus points. Right?

1. MBA degrees come packed with an alumni network (which you can tap for business and jobs - no wonder many MBA grads go in to business development, investment banking, consulting - all tapping into the contact sheet)
2. MBA degress give you a sound knowledge of corporate strategy and theories of management and competition.
3. MBA degress make you good at corporate finance - things like portfolio optimization, the CAPM, reading balance sheets, discounted cash flows, and the other basic concepts of finance.
4. MBA degress make you good at Excel spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations (and I am saying this with a straight face)
5. MBA degrees give you break from real work (again the straight face - there is too much stress in this life)

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