What do we learn from the Gawker Password hack? Have non-lazy passwords

Posted on October 25, 2016 By thesuccessmanual Topic: Internet and Websites,

If you look at the list of top 25 most popular/common passwords chosen by users of Gawker.com, you will understand what I meant by having non-lazy passwords. From the the top 25:

No. of times     password
2516                  123456
2188                  password
1205                  12345678
696                     qwerty
498                     abc123
459                     12345
441                     monkey
413                     111111
385                     consumer
376                     letmein
351                     1234

Gawker is just a blog. i am sure many of us have similarly easily guessable passwords for important stuff like E-mail etc.
Don't be lazy folks. Think outside the dictionary. Think up a sequence of numeric, alphanumeric and alphabets, please, if you want your online existence safe.

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