We get the leaders we deserve: Yogi Adityanath govt proposes ‘grand statue’ of Ram at Ayodhya river banks

Posted on October 10, 2017 By newsroom Topic: India

As part of the multi-crore development of Ayodhya (Rs 195.89 crore Tourism project), UP CM Yogi Adityanath government has proposed a ‘grand statue’ of Ram at Ayodhya river banks. Other activities in list for Ram's city: A Deepotsav programme (October 18, 2017) where 1.71 lakh earthen lamps will be lit at Ram ki Paidi, about 2 km from the disputed site; a heritage walk through Ayodhya; a Shobha Yatra to showcase the arrival of Lord Ram to Ayodhya and a symbolic “rajyabhishek” (coronation).

Meanwhile, 16 more kids died of encephalitis in Gorapkhpur

1. Yogi should ask himself: If Sri Ram were alive, what would he do? Build statues or provide better healthcare? What would Sri Ram do?

2. We get the leaders we want and deserve: There are people among us who want statues, deepotsavs, marches...and justice for cows. And we voted for eladers who promised us these things, it appears.


At least we got our priorities straight. Poverty be damned. In a not so distant future, the poor among us will look at the huge statue and wonder if it is eatable.

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