Uncool Youth - Part 2: Being young has never been cool: All generations, when young, were corporate sellouts

On April 6, 2012 By newsguide Topic: Youth, Rant

Being on the wrong side of 30, I can empathize the anger of Gawker when it says the the college youth of today are the biggest generation of corporate sellouts ever

But, contrary to all perceptions, being young has never been cool, only the ads say that. College students have always worked for the 'man/suit'. From a comment on Fark.com

...some students take marketing jobs in undergrad, and others will accept free things with logos from campus vendors. This is totally unlike college in the 80s/90s when many students took jobs marketing credit cards and took free tee-shirts from events, or the 60s/70s where one of the most common undergrad jobs was cold-calling to pitch things.

Or the 50s/40s, where the boom in undergrad enrollment was almost entirely the result of soldiers on the GI bill, meaning they sold out directly to The Man.

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