Trump Win: Where The Media Went Wrong

Posted on November 12, 2016 By newsroom

The media has obviously been faulted for ignoring, underreporting, being more self important (and self righteous), among other things, after Trump win. Politico asked eleven media veterans for their take on where the media went wrong. As expected, Nick Denton, Gawker Media founder had the most lucid explanation for media's failure:


“The liberal media missed this for the same reason they missed Brexit: because they’re in the bubble. And they're no longer a national institution, but the representatives of a class... Biggest question is what happens to TV. First thing that Putin did was to establish control over state and then private television. Telling the oligarchs they could keep their money so long as they stopped meddling with state power. So what's the American equivalent? FCC regulation? Thiel consortium takes over Twitter? Punitive lawsuits? External conflict to prompt a rally-round-the-flag effect? An adversarial media did not persuade during this election campaign; in fact it may have reinforced the resentment of Trump voters. There's no reason to believe condemnation and investigation will be any more effective during a Trump administration. If the Trumpists fail, it will be because they in turn over-reach.

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