Top 300 Most Cited Books in Google Scholar

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These are some of the top books referenced on Google Scholar, a repository of full text or metadata of scholarly literature on a wide variety of topics.

Molecular cloning: a laboratory manual by Sambrook
Diagnostic and statistical manual: mental disorders by American psychiatric association. (Pub. Year 1952
Numerical recipes: the art of scientific computing by Press
Case study research: design and methods by Yin
Handbook of mathematical functions: with formulas
The structure of scientific revolutions by Kuhn
Biostatistical analysis by Zar
Statistical power analysis for the behavioral sciences by Cohen
The discovery of grounded theory: strategies for qualitative research by Glaser
Psychometric Theory by Nunnally
Genetic algorithms in search
Diffusion of Innovations by Rogers
Imagined communities: reflections on the origin and spread of nationalism by Anderson
The rat brain in stereotaxic coordinates by Paxinos
Computers and intractability: a guide to the theory of NP-completeness by Garey
A theory of justice by Rawls
Nonparametric statistics for the behavioral sciences by Siegel
Mind in society: the development of higher psychological processes by Vygotsky
Principles of optics: electromagnetic theory of propagation
Matrix computations by Golub
Qualitative data analysis: a sourcebook of new methods by Miles
Econometric analysis by Greene
Using multivariate statistics by Tabachnick
Table of integrals
Social foundations of thought and action: a social cognitive theory by Bandura
Multivariate data analysis by Hair
Pedagogy of the oppressed by Freire
An introduction to probability theory and its applications by Feller
Discipline and punish: the birth of the prison by Foucault
Adaptation in natural and artificial systems an introductory analysis with applications to biology
Spread Spectrum Signals for Digital Communications by Giannetti
Naturalistic inquiry by Lincoln
Situated learning legitimate peripheral participation by Lave
Physics of semiconductor devices by Sze
Basics of qualitative research: grounded theory procedures and techniques by Strauss
The fifth discipline: the art and practice of the learning organization by Senge
The reflective practitioner how professionals think in action by Schön
Classical electrodynamics by Jackson
Introduction to algorithms by Cormen
Elements of information theory by Cover
Neural networks a comprehensive foundation by Haykin
Statistical principles in experimental design by Winer
The nature of statistical learning theory by Vapnik
Culture’s consequences: international differences in work-related values by Hofstede
Applied logistic regression by Hosmer
Research design: qualitative and quantitative approaches by Creswell
The interpretation of cultures selected essays by Geertz
The social construction of reality a treatise in the sociology of knowledge by Berger
CRC Handbook of chemistry and physics: a ready-reference book of chemical and physical data by Chemical rubber company (Pub. Year 1913
Self-efficacy: the exercise of control by Bandura
The Presentation of Self in Everyday Life by Goffman
Time series analysis forescasting and control by Box
Design patterns: elements of reusable object-oriented software by Gamma
Competitive strategy: techniques for analyzing industries and competitors by Porter
The economic institutions of capitalism: firms
Distinction: a social critique of the judgement of taste by Bourdieu
Competitive advantage: creating and sustaining superior performance by Porter
Qualitative evaluation methods by Patton
Motivation and personality by Maslow
Competitive advantage: Creating and sustaining superior performance by Porter
Applied multiple regression/correlation analysis for the behavioral sciences by Cohen
Introduction to solid state physics by Kittel
Conduction of heat in solids by Carslaw
The art of computer programming by Knuth
The fractal geometry of nature by Mandelbrot
Metaphors we live by by Lakoff
Attachment and loss by Bowlby
Bowling alone: the collapse and revival of American community by Putnam
In a different voice: psychological theory and women’s development by Gilligan
Communities of practice: learning
Markets and hierarchies: analysis and antitrust implications : a study in the economics of internal organization by Williamson
The knowledge-creating company: how Japanese companies create the dynamics of innovation by Nonaka
Principles and procedures of statistics: A biometrical approach by Steel
Pattern classification and scene analysis: Richard O by Hart
Making democracy work: civic traditions in modern Italy by Putnam
Childhood and society by Erikson
The constitution of society: outline of the theory of structuration by Giddens
Gender trouble: feminism and the subversion of identity by Butler
Orientalism by Said
The logic of collective action: public goods and the theory of groups by Olson
Social learning theory by Bandura
The use of pleasure : volume 2 of the history of sexuality by Foucault
Qualitative inquiry and research design: choosing among five traditions by Creswell
Computer simulation of liquids by Allen
The mathematics of diffusion by Crank
Electrochemical methods: fundamentals and applications by Bard
The principles of psychology by James
Qualitative research & evaluation methods by Patton
Capital: a critical analysis of capitalist production by Marx
An evolutionary theory of economic change by Nelson
Applied regression analysis by Draper
The origin of species by means of natural selection
How to do things with words by Austin
An Introduction to the Bootstrap by Efron
Standard methods for the examination of water and wastewater by American public health association. (Pub. Year 1900
Analise de conteudo by Bardin
Outline of a theory of practice by Bourdieu
The nature of the chemical bond and the structure of molecules and crystals; an introduction to modern structural chemistry by Pauling
A theory of cognitive dissonance by Festinger
Thought and language by Vygotsky
Experiential learning: experience as the source of learning and development by Kolb
Generalized Linear Models by Mccullagh
Experiments in molecular genetics by Miller
Numerical heat transfer and fluid flow by Patankar
Classification and regression trees by Breiman
Basics of qualitative research: techniques and procedures for developing grounded theory by Strauss
C4 by Quinlan
Principles of fluorescence spectroscopy by Lakowicz
PAUP 4 by Swofford
Matrix analysis — Roger A by Horn
Human capital: a theoretical and empirical analysis
Organisational learning: a theory of action perspective by Argyris
Aspects fo the theory of syntax by Chomsky
Model selection and multimodel inference: a practical information-theoretic approach by Burnham
Risk society: towards a new modernity by Beck
Modernity and self-identity: self and society in the late modern age by Giddens
Zhu Futang shi yong er ke xue by Zhu
Principles of polymer chemistry by Flory
Introduction to quantitative genetics by Falconer
Logic and conversation by Grice
Artificial intelligence: a modern approach by Russell
Understanding attitudes and predicting social behavior by Ajzen
The Location of culture by Bhabha
Absorptive Capacity: A New Perspective on Learning and Innovation W by Cohen
The rise of the network society by Castells
Ten lectures on wavelets by Daubechies
The evolution of cooperation by Axelrod
Multiple regression: testing and interpreting interactions by Aiken
Infrared and Raman spectra of inorganic and coordination compounds by Nakamoto
Data mining: practical machine learning tools and techniques with Java implementations by Witten
Foundations of social theory by Coleman
The General theory of employment interest and money by Keynes
Transport phenomena by Bird
Intermolecular and surface forces: with applications to colloidal and biological systems by Israelachvili
Neural networks for pattern recognition by Bishop
Advanced Inorganic Chemistry by Cotton
Cultures and organizations: sofware of the mind by Hofstede
Hierarchical linear models: Applications and data analysis methods by Bryk
An economic theory of democracy by Downs
Data mining: concepts and techniques by Han
Design and analysis of experiments by Montgomery
The ecology of human development: experiments by nature and design by Bronfenbrenner
The pharmacological basis of therapeutics: a textbook of pharmacology
Quantum computation and quantum information by Nielsen
Les conséquences de la modernité by Giddens
The finite element method in engineering science by Zienkiewicz
The dialogic imagination: four essays by Bahtin
PHYLIP: Phylogeny Inference Package version 3 by Feisenstein
Theory of games and economic behavior by Von neumann
Social theory and social structure by Merton
Principles and procedures of statistics: A biometrical approach by Steel
Convex optimization by Boyd
The Advanced theory of statistics by Kendall
Statistical methods for rates and proportions by Fleiss
Society and the adolescent self-image by Rosenberg
The organization of behavior a neuropsychological approach by Hebb
Frames of mind: the theory of multiple intelligences by Gardner
Prosser and Keeton on the law of torts by Keeton
Mathematical models for decision support: Advanced study institute : Papers by Mitra
Econometric analysis of cross section and panel data by Wooldridge
Probabilistic reasoning in intelligent systems: networks of plausible inference by Pearl
The ecological approach to visual perception by Gibson
Democracy and Education : An introduction to the philosophy of education by Dewey
The logic of scientific discovery by Popper
The three worlds of welfare capitalism by Esping-andersen
The elements of statistical learning: data mining
The theory of growth of the firm by Penrose
Wireless communications: principles and practice by Rappaport
Taxonomy of educational objectives : the classification of educational goals Handbook 1 Handbook 1 by Bloom
Principal component analyses by Jolliffe
The Corsini encyclopedia of psychology by Weiner
Neuropsychological assessment by Lezak
The magical number seven
The condition of postmodernity: an enquiry into the origins of cultural change by Harvey
Structural Equation Models by Bollen
Organizations by March
The tacit dimension by Polanyi
Development as freedom by Sen
Stigma; notes on the management of spoiled identity by Goffman
The postmodern condition: a report on knowledge by Lyotard
The archaeology of knowledge: and the discourse on language by Foucault
Power/knowledge: selected interviews and other writings
Principles and practice of structural equation modeling by Kline
Governing the commons: the evolution of institutions for collective action by Ostrom
System identification. In: Signal analysis and prediction by Ljung
Palo Alto
A behavioral theory of the firm by Cyert
Administrative behavior: a study of decision-making processes in administrative organization by Simon
Boundary layer theory by Schlichting
Prosedur Penelitian Suatu Pendekatan Praktik by Artikunto
Social network analysis: methods and applications by Wasserman
The forms of capital by Bourdieu
The nature of prejudice by Allport
Identity: youth and crisis by Erikson
Nonlinear systems by Khalil
Organizations in action by Thompson
The selfish gene by Dawkins
Convex analysis by Rockafellar
The principles of nuclear magnetism by Abragam
Pedagogía de la autonomía: saberes necesarios para la práctica educativa by Freire
Educating the reflective practitioner: toward a new design for teaching and learning in the professions by Schön
Pattern classification and scene analysis by Duda
The external control of organizations: a resource dependence perspective by Pfeffer
Speech acts: an essay in the philosophy of language by Searle
Marschner’s mineral nutrition of higher plants by Marschner
An introduction to functional grammar by Halliday
Descartes’ error: emotion
The Protestant ethic and the spirit of capitalism by Weber
The properties of gases and liquids by Poling
Sampling techniques by Cochran
Electrodynamics of continuous media by Landau
Free radicals in biology and medicine by Halliwell
Perturbation theory for linear operators by Katō
A minimalist program for linguistic theory by Chomsky
Data reduction and error analysis for the physical sciences by Bevington
Reinforcement learning: an introduction by Sutton
Emotional intelligence: [why it can matter more than IQ] by Goleman
The social system by Parsons
Zhonghua fu chan ke xue = Chinese obstetrics and gynecology by Cao
Handbook of qualitative research by Denzin
Introduction to fourier optics by Goodman
Parallel distributed processing: explorations in the microstructure of cognition by Rumelhart
Absorption and scattering of light by small particles by Bohren
Further selections from the prison notebooks by Gramsci
Qualitative research for education: an introduction to theory and methods by Bogdan
The practice of everyday life
Molecular theory of gases and liquids by Hirschfelder
Learning internal representations by error propagation by Rumelhart
Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft: Grundriß der verstehenden Soziologie by Weber
Co-planar stereotaxic atlas of the human brain: 3-dimensional proportional system : an approach to cerebral imaging by Talairach
Experimental and quasi-experimental design for research by Campbell
Genetic algorithms + data structures = evolution programs by Michalewicz
Perry’s chemical engineers’ handbook by Perry
Soil Chemical analysis: advances course; a manual of methods useful for instruction and research in soil chemistry
In search of excellence: lessons from America’s best-run companies by Peters
Classical mechanics by Goldstein
Antibodies: a laboratory manual by Harlow
Science in action : how to follow scientists and engineers through society by Latour
The practice of social research by Babbie
Self-Organizing Maps by Kohonen
Molecular spectra and molecular structure by Herzberg
Statistical methods in medical research by Armitage
Methods of theoretical physics by Morse
The psychology of interpersonal relations by Heider
Modernity at Large: Cultural Dimensions of Globalisation
The sciences of the artificial by Simon
Nonlinear fiber optics by Agrawal
The psychology of personal constructs by Kelly
Applied linear statistical models: regression
Phenomenology of perception by Merleau-ponty
Linear operators by Dunford
Elliptic partial differential equations of second order by Gilbarg
Personal knowledge: Towards a post-critical philosphy by Polanyi
Agency Costs of Free Cash Flow
Discovering statistics using SPSS by Francis
InterViews: learning the craft of qualitative research interviewing by Kvale
Numerical taxonomy (by) Peter H by Sneath
Lectures on government and binding the Pisa lectures by Chomsky
Experience and education by Dewey
Flow: the psychology of optimal experience by Csikszentmihalyi
Structured clinical interview for DSM-IV axis I disorders SCID-I: clinician version
The Theory of Communicative Action: Vol by Postone
Understanding Media: the extensions of man by Mcluhan
Tractatus logico-philosophicus by Wittgenstein
Categorical data analysis by Agresti
Viscoelastic properties of polymers by Ferry
Practical nonparametric statistics by Conover
Bodies that matter: on the discursive limits of sex” by Butler
Syntactic structures by Chomsky
Quasi-experimentation: design & analysis issues for field settings by Cook
Convergence of probability measures by Billingsley
Statistical Analysis with Missing Data by Little
Research methods in education by Cohen
Steps to an ecology of mind by Bateson
A rapid alkaline extraction procedure for screening recombinant plasmid DNA by Bimboim
The genetical theory of natural selection by Fisher
Democracy in America by Tocqueville
Exchange and Power in Social Life by Blau
Servqual: a multiple-item scale for measuring customer perceptions of service quality by Parasuraman
Physical chemistry of surfaces by Adamson
Strategy and structure: Chapters in the history of the industrial enterprise by Chandler
Economy and society: an outline of interpretive sociology by Weber
Density estimation for statistics and data analysis by Silverman
Introduction to automata theory
Methods of mathematical physics by Courant
A wavelet tour of signal processing by Mallat
The theory of social and economic organization by Weber
Hua xue yao pin he zhi liao yong sheng wu zhi pin yan jiu zhi dao yuan ze: shi xing by Zheng
Strategic management: A stakeholder approach by Freeman
Structural holes the social structure of competition by Burt

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