Three Idiots: More Idiot than Rang De Basanti

On December 26, 2009 By pramitsingh Topic: Films, Aamir khan, Review, Dumbyouth

Aamir Khan continues to sell his brand of soft-patriotism/self-development/what have you to a generation that doesn't have the time for the real thing. There is nothing to like in Three idiots.

Idiot note#1: The promotion - what's with the aping of Rahul Gandhi and his selfish brand of pseudo-mass politics? If you want to let us believe you care, ditch the AC lifestyle, the cavalcade and spend a week with us and our mosquitoes. And, don't get me started with the "Jaago re" connection. Selling bags of tea via patriotism and social change induces vomit. See, I think Aamir is really a good actor and wants to make good movies; he should act the best as he can and leave the rest to the public. But, I think he is too used to his huge salaries and so he has to do the shameless promotion thing

Idiot note #2 The story - Loosely inspired by a novel for grown kids, sort of Harry Potter for the Indian college going crowd, Three Idiots is a story of three students enjoying 'quality education' played by almost the same set as in 'Rang De Basanti'. So far, no Hindi film has captured what it is like to be in school or college. The cause is not helped by actors in 30s and 40s posing as students. If you have seen Aamir's character in RDB, then you know type of character he going to play here, only difference being he can study better now. Boman Irani is a shadow of his old self, reprising his Munnabhai M.B.B.S. role. Everything in this story is recycled, including the pop philosophy that seems to appeal to the wasted youth of today.

Idiot note #3: Young India - The youth of India does not care anymore. The youth does not know what it really wants, except a well-paying jobs and the accompanying shindig. Aamir has seen how people rejected the sincerely made "Swades" and other so-called life-transformation films.

My suggestion to Aamir Khan, a good actor, is to stop taking himself too seriously. Return to the roots. Stop chasing the money. Be like as you were in "Sarfarosh". Don't sell out, boss.

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