The Web 2.0 Hall of Fame: tools and ideas for businesses

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1. Blogs - to allow uers to contribute with comments, ratings etc.
2. Bookmarking/Tagging - to save links that users like
3. Brand monitoring - using blogsearch (, social bookmarking (,
4. Content aggregation - Like
5. Crowdsourcing/Voting - Like Digg, Reddit
6. Discussion boards and forums - Like Slashdot
7. Events and meetups - Using Meetup
8. Mashups - using tools and ideas from Programmable web
9. Microblogging - Using Twitter, Jaiku, Tumblr, Create your own Twitter using Laconica
10. Online video - Using,,,
11. Online Organization and staffing - Using Basecamp, Campfirenow, Linkedin
12. Blogger Outreach programs - Approach influential bloggers to see whether they are willing to spread your love. Best to approach mid-tier bloggers.
13. Photosharing - Using Flickr
14. Podcasting - Create for free using Audacity and host on your site and spread the link love
15. Presentation sharing - Using Slideshare
16. Public Relations and Press Releases - Using PR 2.0 sites such as Pitchengine and blogging about incidents as they happen.
17. Ratings and reviews - Post the article on your blog, and submit the item to Digg, Reddit and get people to share their views
18. Social networks - applications, fan pages, groups, personas and CEo/decision makers' pages on sites such as http:;/, Linkedin
19. Sponsorships - Sponsor contests on social networking sites
20. Virtual worlds - on Secondlife
21. Widgets - so that people can share/publish data from your site on their own
22. Wikis - Using Mediawiki, pbWiki or Wetpaint.

List inspired by Peter Kim's list

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