The Web 2.0 Hall of Fame: The best quotes

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"Web 2.0 is about people" - David Sifry

"Web 2.0 is a marketing concept used by venture capitalists and conference promoters to try to call another bubble into existence." - Dave Winer

"I think Web 2.0 is of course a piece of jargon, nobody even knows what it means."
- Tim Berners-Lee

"I've got to admit that I don't like the term "social media." When I hear or read it, I tune out. My problem isn't with the word "social," but with the word "media." It's a loaded word, framed by a hundred years' experience with pre-Net "media" that reduced everything to "content" (another word I dislike) that was then "delivered" somehow. There is a a sense of distance to "media" that I believe diminishes our understanding of the Net. It's a bugaboo with me, and I'll admit to being pretty much alone with it." - Doc Searls

"The internet runs on love" - Clay Shirky

"When all you do is copy others, you copy their mistakes, too."

A Web 2.0 site is "a startup that generates more RSS than revenue." -

“Sites like Digg and Technorati are what I call social bookMARKETING, not social bookmarking.” - Blake Newman

"Email preceded the Internet… blogs are ten years old, and Wikis have been around since 1995… If most of this stuff is twenty years old, why are we talking about it now? Because it’s not about the tools, it’s about the people." - Ethan Zuckerman

"When we think about participatory web, it’s not about laptops and high bandwidth… it’s about mobile phones. There are 3 billion handsets worldwide, and its estimated 80-90% of people in the developing world can access a mobile phone if they need to. This is a level of penetration of technology that changes the rules of the game. We need to broaden our thinking beyond the Web." - Ethan Zuckerman on Mobile 2.0

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