The state of Pakistan: 20 years behind the world, and Imran Khan is no solution

On April 6, 2012 By newsguide Topic: Pakistan

From an interview of noted Af-Pak expert Ahmad Rashid, where he says that Pakistan is 20 years behind the world:

The end of the Cold War presented a lot of benefits to many countries but it passed Pakistan by completely. The whole era of economic reforms, globalization, high-tech, new industries, regional trade and peace attempts, it just totally bypassed Pakistan. So we are suffering from a 20-year lag, basically, of a failure to address the problems and the advantages and the benefits that the end of the Cold War produced.

Following are edited excerpts of an interview with Mr. Rashid, author of “Pakistan on the Brink.

Rashid also believes that Imran Khan is not the solution
Imran's charisma may not be enough to change Pakistan, because there is no meat in the man. Rashid points out Imran's shortcomings:

But the problem with Imran is that his foreign policy parameters remain almost exactly the same. In other words, the pre-Cold War parameters. For example, he’s not talking about ending tensions with India; he’s not talking about ending interference in Afghanistan; he’s not talking about bringing in the extremists groups — either reconciling with them or forcing them to give up the practices they are engaged in. He’s not talking about the crisis in Baluchistan and the separatist movement there.

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