The Plastic Surgery Hall of Fame

On January 15, 2010 By topicguide Topic: Health, Plastic surgery, Celebrity

This post is inspired by news about reality star Heidi Montag, the 23 year old villainous girl in "The Hills" who has admitted to having 10 plastic surgery procedures performed so far. Highlighted procedures include rhinoplasty and breast augmentation. Why this glorious revelation now? Because the kid has spent $2 million bringing out an album and wants all the media coverage she can get for her assets.

Not sure about whether the album makes it, but in Heidi Montag's honor, a roll call of some famous facts about Plastic Surgery:

1. Did you know Plastic is the most common surgery in America? Check out the top 10 most common surgeries

2. According to Forbes magazine, in 2006 alone, Americans spent $11.5 billion on face-lifts, chemical peels, butt implants and other surgical and noninvasive cosmetic procedures.

3. In 2006, Americans had 11 million cosmetic surgical and noninvasive procedures, a 48% increase from 2000, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons - in that period, Botox injections increased by 420% during that time, and breast augmentations and hyaluronic acid injectables, such as the lip plumper Restylane, rose by 55% and 59%, respectively.

4. In Forbes magazine's listing of America's vainest cities, middle sized Salt Lake City topped the list, followed by the big cities of New York, Miami and Los Angeles. Other lesser known cities finding a prominent place in the list are Louisville, Ky., and Nashville, Tenn.

5. In 2007, the most popular surgery for men and women combined in America was liposuction. The most popular surgery for women alone was breast augmentation, with liposuction coming in second.

6. This USA Today article paints a grim picture about plastic surgery addiction: Two-thirds of plastic surgery patients are repeat patients, and more than five million Americans may be addicted to plastic surgery.

7. The list of top 10 countries with the highest number of plastic surgery procedures, in descending order: United States, Mexico, Brazil, Japan, Spain, Germany, France, Argentina, Switzerland, Italy.

8. Since we started this story with a celebrity, check out this list of the 15 worst celebrity plastic surgery disasters you will ever see

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