The Online Journalism Handbook: seven successful Video blogging models

Posted on January 24, 2018 By newswala Topic: Media, Onlinejournalismhandbook, Blogging, Videoblogging, Video

As you very well know, online video, especially news video is very big. So big that Youtube, which Google bought in 2006, now accounts for more than a quarter of traffic to all Google-owned sites.

So, what types of Video blogs are doing well on the internet? Here is a short roundup of types of videos that work along with examples and websites.

1. Create tutorials e.g. Tubetorial.
2. Comment on Popular TV shows: e.g. Idol Critic. Viewers like breezy, irreverent takes of pop culture.
3. Tour the Nation: Amanda Congdon toured America recently. Touring is a great way to show people new stuff and opinions.
4. Aggregate the best of other Video Blogs and add your commentary. Think of it as Today’s Papers on your favorite morning TV shows.
5. The Daily show/Tonight show comedy/variety/monologue model: For example, the Ze Frank blog was a yearlong blogging project, the Ze blog mixed commentary on media and current events with viewer contributions and interactive activities.
6. The Ask Prudence model: Working like advice columns, which works great even today if you innovate. For example, Ask a Ninja features a ninja who answers e-mails from “viewers”
7. Cover live events: This one always has great potential.

The best thing you can do is look at the popular TV shows and documentaries of all time and think up shorter (and innovative) variations of those shows. You can also survey the successes on Youtube and other Video sharing sites and you will get more ideas.

This article is from my blog simpleguide and was written in 2007. The blog is no longer active.

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