The Blackboard Handbook for Teachers and Students

Posted on October 25, 2016 By thesuccessmanual Topic: Education and Schools, Handbook

Despite its buggy reputation about being inefficient and slow as well as accusations of being a patent bully, many educational instititions continue to use Blackboard as a Educational Content Management System. Until a worthy challenger (like Moodle?) arrives on the scene. Till that happens, use this simple guide to resources that help you get the most out Blackboard.

Blackboard Basics for Teachers
BlackBoard Tips and Tutorials for Faculty
The Blackboard Control Panel
Preparing Your Course on Blackboard
Displaying Courses
How to recycle course materials, copy a course or archive a course
Hide Your Old Courses
Power User Enrollment (to enroll multiple users into the course site all in one step)
Different content types that you can add to BlackBoard
Tips for Deploying a Test in BlackBoard
Creating a test
Managing and creating assignments
Content System Website Tool
How to Podcast Using BlackBoard
How to Add a Blog to Your BlackBoard Course
How to Add BlackBoard to Facebook
How to link e-books to your BlackBoard page.
How to integrate Google Scholar with Blackboard
Integrating Library Resources into Your Blackboard Courses
Adding Teaching Assistants
Create word glossaries for your different courses
Customizing Blackboard
RSS Module with Descriptions

Blackboard Basics for Students
Top 10 BlackBoard Tips for Students
Taking Assessments on Blackboard
Exam-Taking Tips
Guides on Student Home Pages
Editing Your Homepage
How to Hack Your BlackBoard Login
Chat Help
Browse courses as a guest
Calendar Appointment Scheduler

Using Blackboard wikis
Using the Wiki Tool in Blackboard for Teaching
How to Add a Wiki to Your BlackBoard Course
Creating and using wiki tools on Blackboard

Collaboration Using BlackBoard
Creating and Managing Groups
Using the Discussion Board
Using ePortfolios to save and share materials

Troubleshooting Blackboard
Known Issues with the Blackboard System
Known Blackboard Bugs Reported and Response
Browser Tune Up Guide
How to Empty Your Browser Cache
Course Link Checker
Clearing an assignment attempt : Give students a second chance by letting them resubmit work

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