The Best Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

Posted on July 17, 2018 By newsroom Topic: Best Products

What is an UPS? Basically, a USP (short for uninterruptible power supply), is a surge protector, a battery, and a power inverter (which turns the battery’s stored energy into usable power) combined into one system. People buy a UPS even if they have constant main power, just in case there is a blackout and they don't want to lose any data they have working on their system, or lose a moment of their favotite sports event.

Modern UPS have also started to come with laptop-style lithium batteries, and are smaller in size while providing more backup.

The best UPS for a home network: CyberPower CP685AVR (aaordable, one hour backup)

The best affordable UPS: APC BE650G1 Back-UPS (same features as top model, cheaper)

The best UPS upgrade: APC BR1000G Back-UPS Pro (more backup power) 

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