The Best Turntable for Casual Listening

Posted on July 17, 2018 By newsroom Topic: Best Products

A good turntable is highly adjustable,  easy to setup, sounds great out of the box, and even has modern necessities such as built-in USB port, which is useful in digitizing your LP collection. Good turntables are also speed accurate, but you shoudl always verify the turntables makers' claim about the advertised audible speeds.

Modern recordings are biased to be as loud as possible (young people like their music to be louder) and thus digital recordings are losing their edge in case of having a dynamic range. How can there be generous dynamic sound range when all music is so loud? Enter the good old turntable, which will play LPs recorded befroe the advent of digital recordings in all their rich dynamic sound range.

Moreover, old vinyl is also cheap.

FYI: Just google ' how to set up a turntable correctly' and you will find useful Youtube guides.

The best turntable for casual listening: Audio Technica AT-LP120-USB (very adjustable, built-in phono preamp for hassle-free setup, great sound quality, built-in USB portfor digitizing your LP collection)

The best tuirntable for better sound quality: Pro-Ject - Debut Carbon DC (Black)  (supports higher-end cartridges, pricey)

Caring for your turntable

The best counterweight to balance the tone arm: Shure SFG-2 Stylus Tracking Force Gauge

The best washer for cleaning and protecting records: Spin Clean Record Washer

The best affordable replacement cartridge: Shure M97xE

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