The Best Surround-Sound Speakers for Normal Use

Posted on July 17, 2018 By newsroom Topic: Best Products

TV speakers are not meant for a great sound experience. With a deluge of streaming services and onlone video, more people want movie-theatre like sound. Your first option are good soundbars. If that doesn't satisfy you, go for a 5.1 surround-sound speaker system paired with a good AV receiver. This includes separate speakers for on-screen action, music, and sound effects to the left and right of the screen; dedicated speakers at the rear of the room for surround sound effects; and a subwoofer to deliver deep bass. 

Good surround sound systems come between $500 up to roughly $2,500. Sound experts that above teh $2500 mark, most surround sound systems sound the same, more or less.

The best 5.1 speaker system for Normal Use: ELAC Debut ( C5 center speaker, two F5 floor-standing speakers, a pair of B5 bookshelf speakers, and the S10EQ subwoofer, great sound, great price)

The best 5.1 speaker system upgrade: KEF Q Series Q100 Bookshelf Speakers (more clairty, pricey)

The best 5.1 speaker system with a clearer center channel: KEF Q Series Q200c Center Speaker (great for movie dialogue clarity)

The best 5.1 speaker system with the best subwoofer performance: KEF Q Series Q400b Subwoofer (deeper bass)

The best affordable 5.1 speaker system: Pioneer SP-PK52FS 5.1-Channel Speaker Package (so-so build quality, very great pricing)

The best 5.1 speaker system for smaller rooms: Paradigm Cinema 100 CT 5.1

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