The Best Surge Protector for Travel

Posted on July 17, 2018 By newsroom Topic: Best Products

A good surge protector for travel is very handy  airports and hotels, where you may not find available / unused safe wall outlets.

Being useful better 'safe than sorry' devices, most surge protectors don't have a long span span. You need to change them eventually, at most after a acouple of yeras of use. Good surge protectors will not just start blinking the red LED when they have ceased to protect the plugged in devices from surges, instead they will switch off the power completely.

But remember to replace your surge protector after a couple of years of use. Moreover, a surge protector will not protect your device from lightening. On that note, experts also suggest you replace your surge protectors after any large event (lightning strike in your locality, multiple outages in rapid succession).

The best surge protector for travel in North America: Accell Home or Away Power Station (three outlets and two USB power ports)

The best surge protector for travel: Accell Home or Away (two surge-protected AC outlets, two USB power ports, compact)

The second best surge protector for travel: CyberPower CSP300WU

The second best surge protector for traveling abroad: PowerCube ReWirable USB + Plug (four international plugs, 100V to 250V rating)

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