The Best Surfboard, Wetsuit, and Accessories for Beginners

Posted on July 17, 2018 By newsroom Topic: Best Products

Surfing experts will tell you to first get out, try out surfing and only then think about buying surfing stuff such as surfboard, wetsuits and other things. They suggest you first know the basics of surfing, safety during surfing as well as proper surfing etiquette.

Basically, know the niche, and try the niche before you start investing money in the niche.

The best beginner surfboards for kids: Costco Wavestorm (all-foam board)

The best beginner surfboards for teens and adults: Liquid Shredder Element 9-foot model (stiffer and lighter and has a better fin desig, a bit pricey(

The best leash for beginners: Dakine Kainui Leash (solid, confortable)

The best spring wetsuit (men): Patagonia Men's  (2.5-mm-thick neoprene around the torso for better wind and cold resistance, 2-mm neoprene on the arms and legs for flexibility.)

The best spring wetsuit (women): Patagonia Women's R1 (with shorter legs)

The second best spring wetsuit (men): Hurley Fusion 202 (men) ( smooth-skin panels that protect from wind)

The second best spring wetsuit (women): Hurley Fusion 202 (women)

The best rashguards (men): O’Neill’s Basic Skins Long Sleeve (good fit,  maximum coverage with heavyweight material)

The best rashguards (women): O’Neill Basic Skins

The best rashguards upgrade  (men): Patagonia RØ Long Sleeve (hooded) (hood with a visor for protecting your neck and head)

The best rashguards upgrade  (women):The Seea Suit (good fit, very comfortable for women)

The best board shorts (men): Patagonia Wavefarer Stretch Board Shorts (tough build, protection for thighs from chafe and sun without being baggy)

The best light and slim board shorts: Patagonia Stretch Planing Shorts (lightweight)

The best shorts for surf and turf: O'Neill Men's Heather Hybrid Freak Short (can even be worn away from the beach)

The best board shorts (women’s): Hurley Phantom 5" Beachrider (secure drawstring, strechable)

The second best board shorts (women’s): Patagonia Women's Wavefarer Board Shorts 5-Inch (drawstring, pocket with a key leash, less strecch)

The best surf wax: Matunas Organic Surf Wax (organic, as grippy as petroleum-based products)

The best rinse kit/shower: Nemo Helio Pressure Shower (pressurized water source everywhere)

The best simple shower: Reliance Desert Patrol 3 Gallon

The best changing mat bag: FCS Change Mat (durable, waterproof, portable)

The best balance board: GoofBoard Classic (loner and taller than most boards)

The second best balance board: Indo Board Balance Board

The best cheap waterproof watch: Casio W-800H

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