The 25 Most Important Business & Career Skills All Smart People Should Know

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1. Business Management: Basically, the art of getting people to do things

2. Marketing: Because the purpose of a business is to find a customer, thus, marketing

3. Selling: Knowing how to sell things to people who need them is an important asset to have

4. Starting a Business: How long can you be a faceless drone toiling inside a huge, impersonal organization?

5. Communication: Hell might be other people (modifying Sartre a bit here) but you can still make this a heaven of rewarding relationships.

6. Project Management: Because the future of work is project management - do one good project, learn your lessons, move to the next...

7. Career Management: Career is not just only shining your resume and giving job interviews, it is also about doing what you love, what you are good at, and doing it well. It is about being a professional, people.

8. Negotiation: Because life is a negotiation, (this is also a tagline for a forgetful movie)

9. Persuasion: How to make others see your point of view, how to get their attention...this one is important too

10. Power: I know, the word has a negative aura around it, but always remember, with great power comes great responsibility.

11. Creativity: Because curiosity might have killed the cat somewhere in a story, but it makes human civilization go forward.

12. Problem Solving: Because if you are part of the solution, you are part of the problem

13. Lateral Thinking: Sometimes, to think outside the box, really step outside the box

14. Decision Making: Drucker said, 'it is not about making right decisions' - it is about considering the data and the options, and then going full ahead

15. Critical Thinking: Because everybody is selling something or pushing some agenda at us all the time and we got to detect B.S. before it infects us.

16. Meetings Management: Because meetings kill time and productivity if not done well, and mostly they aren't done well.

17. Fast Reading: An important asset to have to help you deal with information overload.

18. Memory: How to make sense of things and remember them - otherwise, we remember best what is useless.

19. Stress Management: Get a life!

20. Happiness: Because 'want' is an evil word!

21. Writing: Because good writing denotes good thinking.

22. Teaching Yourself: Because 80% of all education happens outside schools and colleges.

23. Self Management: Start with knowing thyself. Yes, this one is a biggie. As a Peanuts cartoon goes, “…this one is going to take time.”

24. Time Management: Because all of us get the same 24 hours

25. Leadership: Start by leading by example- and having an idea of where you are leading them.

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