Standing Rock Pipeline Protest: Another Example of How Useless Facebook Trending Stories Are

Posted on November 1, 2016 By newsroom Topic: Social media, Trending

Techcrunch reported that terms such as “Standing Rock,” “Native Americans,” “pipeline,” “Missouri River,” etc. didn’t show up as Facebook Trends to any users until long after the check-in protest began over the pre-Halloween weekend. 


It took a week for Facebook's Trending Stories feature to recognize the importance of  the Standing Rock Pipeline Protest in the United States. 790,000 people+ talked about the Trend, between 2 times and 100 times the noise of other Facebook Trends, shows just how late Facebook was to recognizing the Standing Rock protests.

Exactly how much of this is fault of the machines or of vested interested is an interesting and sad story.

Via Techcrunch

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