Should you buy the new iPad? Don't waste your money, go for these options instead

Posted on March 16, 2012 By newsguide Topic: Gadget, Ipad, Apple

The new, funnily-named Retina screen, is the only thing worth noting in the new iPad. I am not sure what version it is. Will the ipad in 2020 be called iPad 11 or what? I am digressing. Anyway, the new, improved HD-quality screen on the new iPad is useless unless you can find HD content to view on it - Netflix and most others don't stream HD video to tablets, and you will be stuck with older iPad apps looking pixelated and fuzzy on the new retina display.

Better options #1: Buy the discounted older versions of iPad now, if you still want a Tablet experience and Apple's brand cachet.

Better option #2: Get a Netbook for $200. It will have better features than iPad anytime.

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