Peter Thiel Is No Privacy Or Gay Rights Hero (Just A Dangerous, Self Important Billionarie)

Posted on August 16, 2016 By pramitsingh Topic: Journalism

So it has come to pass that a billionaire didn't like the coverage he was getting and took his personal vendetta against the offending journalists (Gawker's Nick Denton, Sam Biddle and others) to its logical end: The selling off the 'offending' publication Gawker in an auction.

Thiel spun his actions as a crusade for 'gay rights' , against violators of 'online privacy rights'. For example, he does this in his latest New York Times opinion piece (Yes, billionaries can write wherever they cam, even the paper 'of record').  

Left out of Thiel's Hero's journey was the important issue of revenge porn. In all his 'gay right' champion mode, Thiel conveniently chose to forget to mention that 90% of revenge porn victims are women. He is not suppporting a lawsuit for Heather Clem, Hogan’s partner in the sex tape.

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