Our Google and Microsoft Government

On December 25, 2009 By pramitsingh Topic: Big Business, Googleevil, Microsoftevil

Google Government

First, Microsoft established its bases in governments around the world, bribing them to use its bloated and expensive office and server applications. Now, in the online cloud computing age, you got Google cornering almost 60% of U.S. state government's online enterprise needs, Google apps for folks who did not get it. Our Google and Microsoft Government is dawning upon us.

The question,

Does this mean that we’ve now handed the majority of our state governments’ operational data to a single privately-controlled company which has well-publicized partnerships with other governments such as China?

The fate of the world's citizen's data falls into control of two big business entities, Microsoft (desktop) and Google (Onlin), it is sci-bi scary boss.

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