Organizers behind armed white supremacist protest in Houston revealed as Russian

Posted on October 10, 2017 By newsroom Topic: U.s. Politics

The organizers behind armed white supremacist protests in Houston were revealed as Russian. That Putin's Russia is interfering in other countries' politics is old news.

What should be discussed more is the failure of the grand internet monitoring efforts of the NSA and the rest of the Five Eyes programs - ECHELON, PRISM and all the rest. They must have caught this stuff long ago. It is supposed to be the most expansive/expensive spy network, survellience operations and technological infrastructure of all other world powers combined.

It is not Putin's Russia alone who is into 'destabilize foreign countries'. America also has a rich history of rigging foreign elections and destabilizing foreign countries using all the methods Americans now accuse Russia of. There is a dedicated Wikipedia page on US interference it.

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