Mumbai Terror Attacks: A Relief Directory - all useful helpline numbers and how to help

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I hope the people of Mumbai and all those unfortunately still trapped inside Hotel Oberoi and Taj survive this ordeal of terror. I am 100% positive we won't give in to the FEAR.

I will do all I can do organize useful information on Bighow. If you have useful information to share or want to leave a message, please do so in the comments below or post an item on Bighow.

Just tag it with 'mumbaiterrorattack2008'.

Local Cell number of a volunteer blogger: +919820147433 if you need a message relayed.
ref: - a great blog on helping people cope during emergencies.

News and Media Phone Numbers
Times Now Helpline: 022-24990594
CNN IBN FA 1-613-996-8885 from Canada, 1-800-387-3124 E
For UK

Police control room (Mumbai)
022-24937755; 022-24937747

Mumbai Police is currently seeking clues on two police vehicles:

(a Jeep and a Toyota Qualis), which were reportedly commandeered by the terrorists:
MH-01-BA-5179 and MH-01-ZA-102

More Mumbai Police Emergency Numbers

Taj Hotel helpline numbers
+91 -22-66574322, +91-22-66574372, local toll free 1-800-111-825

Trident Hotel Helpline numbers
(Delhi) 011-23890606, 011-23890505,
9810956888 (Cell number of Dir Corp Comm., Oberoi Hotels)

Blood Donors (in Mumbai)
022-23739031 (JJ Hospital)
022-22620242 (St.George Hospital)

Send an sms to donate blood

Just Type BLOOD and send it to 96000 97000

For American Citizens
U.S. State Department Toll Free nos.

For British Citizens
British Foreign Ministry Numbers
(0) 44 2070080000

For Australian Citizens
Dept. of foreign affairs, Australia
1800 002 214 (In Australia)
61262613305 - (from oversees)

For Brazilian Citizens
Help line 9820686143 (C)

Mumbai Helpline Blog

Take care and good luck.
Tomorrow will of course be a better day. God is with us.


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