Kinds Of Media That Will Continue To Work For Trump No Matter What

Posted on November 12, 2016 By newsroom Topic: Trump-presidency

Trump may in public blame the media for the protests and anything bad that happens to him, but he knows he has the support of the media that counts.


1. The New York Observer, Owned By Trump's son-in-law

The paper routinely ignored or downplayed big stories if they cast Trump in a bad light.

2. People magazine

Even though one of its writers wrote about allegedly being assaulted by Trump once, People, the vaccous publication, is running an upbeat cover on post-win Trump, titled, “astonishing journey to the White House,” a celebratory “He’s hired!” tweet, as well as cozy family photos, White House decor plans and Melania Trump’s “best moments” in style. People magazine knows the masses contain many Trump believers.

3. Right wing media: Breitbart and friends

Alongwith assorted fake news runners of Facebook, the wasteland.


4. The bots: Fake followers and all.

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