Kedia in Jamui (Bihar) Gets a Solar-powered Cold storage (But More Information Would Have Been Useful)

Posted on August 16, 2016 By pramitsingh Topic: Eco-friendly

So, Greepeace and a private company got together to crowdfund a solar-powered micro cold storage facility in Kedia in Jamui district in BIhar. This inspiring piece of news would be more useful if we had more information about the cost and details of the unit. Details about similar projects are aplenty online on eco-friendly websites and blogs. 

The cold storage is probably a 5 metric tonne capacity. There are no batteries, just a thermal storage unit (?). No other detail is available. Someone wants to make the government/corporate donors to pay fancy amounts for this? THis news item is more of a PR piece than useful news item which people can learn from. We need a repository of useful eco-friendly technologies.

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