jobsearchguide: a simpleguide to 22 cool sites to find web related jobs

Posted on January 24, 2018 By newswala Topic: Jobs and Careers, Simpleguide, Work

The internet is a great place to look for jobs and no list can a complete list. So, for starters:

Job Search Engines
1. Indeed  - don't forget to set feeds and alerts for your job searches
2. Simplyhired

Specialty Job Boards
3. SitePoint Marketplace
4. Krop
5. Authentic Jobs  - graphic design jobs
6. Zend Job Board  - PHP programming jobs
7. Freelance Switch Job Board
8. Boxes and Arrows Job Board
9. Coroflot Jobs  design, art, and advertising jobs.
10. Fresh Web Jobs
11. Social Media Jobs  - my favorite for searching for community managers...
12.  - web design jobs

Social Media
13. MetaFilter Job Board
14. Slashdot Job Board

I am sure 'Digg for jobs' isn't far away.

15. 37signals Job Board
16. CrunchBoard
17. ReadWriteWeb Job Board
18. CenterNetworks Job Board
19. Ajaxian Job Board - javascript jobs mostly
20. ProBlogger Job Board - blogging and online writing jobs
21. Ars Technica Job Board
22. Smashing Magazine Job Board

This list is incomplete without your suggestions.

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