India General Elections 2019: Modi has held no press conference in his five-year rule and that is okay

On March 20, 2024 By newsroom Topic: Elections

One of the many complaints against Narendra Modi has been that he has given zero press conferences. Although he has ironically accused his predecessor Manmohan Singh of being silent (who actually gave two press conferences a year and after returning from foreign trips).  Modi's behavior is typical of all nationalist-type leaders fashionable today. Trump does the occasional press conference, but he has resorted to ignoring or hollering 'shut up' to journalists who ask tough questions.

But it is okay. Nothing would have happened in Modi's press conferences except false information being given out, inquisitive reporters being shouted and scolded down (Amit Shah does this regularly), and charges against the government being countered by ministers from unrelated departments with 'whataboutism' and 'being unpatriotic / anti-army'. Remember, Kunal Kamra's bit about 'Siachin pe hamare jawaan khade hain' excuse? 

It is also true that Modi fears questions from unpliant media. Think of that scene of him sipping water while sweating profusely in a Karan Thapar interview, back in 2007 when he was Gujarat CM, and Karan asked him about the Gujarat riots of 2002. The interview was over in 3 minutes. Watch the Modi-Thapar video here

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