Humans of Hindutva: Don't Use Facebook To Publish News

Posted on October 30, 2017 By newsroom Topic: Facebook



The creator of the popular 'Humans of Hindutva' page pn Facebook, has finally decided to create her/his own news website, having tired of Facebook's arbitrary ways, accusing that Facebook removes / brings back from the dead posts, and closes pages at whim.

Why make facebook the super editor of your news site?

The creator writes:

What Facebook needs to realise is that, in a country where journalists either pay lip service to the government or get sued or shot down, theirs is a crucial medium for many Indians to voice their opinions. It seems Facebook is increasingly becoming a platform for people who wish to divide people, and not for those who ridicule these divisive tactics.

The above image from the 'Humans of Hindutva' page was first removed and then put back by Facebook.

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