How to leave a toxic Whatsapp group / Whatsapp university / Whatsapp echo chamber

Posted on October 12, 2017 By newsroom Topic: Social Media


A young Indian woman posts her letter to her family members in a Whatapp group, saying 'In today's personal victory, I quit my extended-family WhatsApp group. I cannot fully express the relief I feel.' There is just so much fake news and righteous but  ill-informed theories that one can take in a lifetime.! That makes a closeknit family group suffocating and toxic in no time.

Her Whatspp group exit message reads:

Hi family,

Sorry I am not very active on this group (or on WhatsApp in general).

The truth is that there's an incredible amount of unverified news, casual sexism, and unwarranted xenophobia that gets shared here that I'm frankly quite uncomfortable with.

Everyone is entitled to their own boundaries on these matters, of course, but I really think there needs to be a line in the sand with respect to inappropriate content because the things we condone in the way of humour become the things we become desensitised to

As a person who feels strongly about sensitivity and social justice, I feel like I'd be doing a disservice to my truest convictions as a human being should I not voice these concerns.

I obviously do not aim to change anyone’s mind about this, and since I’m the only one who seems to feel this way, please allow me to excuse myself from this group. I am of course, available for individual chats as always.

I love you all very much and sincerely hope that this will be seen as for what it is and not as an overreaction or a rude or hostile move.


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