How to get Linkedin to stop sending you spammy emails

Posted on June 16, 2012 By thesuccessmanual Topic: Internet and Websites, Howto

Here's two facts about LinkedIn everyone must know: 1. It is a spam machine as no one likes to visit one's resume repeatedly 2. LinkedIn is more useful to HR companies who in turn spam all the time, than the average user, who is not a shameless self-promoter anyway. If you are irritated with having to check all Linked emails with 'mark as read' (or deleted), then here's how you can get LinkedIn to stop spamming you. All you need to locate the hidden Settings menu (top right corner of the web page). From there it is smooth going:

Go to email preferences
Only choose Introductions messages. 
Un-consent to all opportunities
Uncheck them ALL
Make sure you've saved
Set the frequency of emails
Change the frequency of emails to never
Do this for every option
Turn off LinkedIn announcements - Uncheck the box
Turn off invitations to participate in research- Uncheck the box
Send feedback - give is one button to turn off all email
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