How to change the world, idea #1: Seize properties of a major media house, starting with Murdock holdings

Posted on March 15, 2012 By newsguide Topic: Business, Media, How to change the world

This post is about an idea for a French Revolution for the media industry in the 21st century. Left to their own devices, and considering how deeply entrencehd their reach is inside the system, media houses like Rupert Murdock's 'phone hacking'-embroiled outfit will soon make you forget what all they did in the past, with their endless stream of useless information. The elder Murdock will entertain the world with his new-fangled Twitter account. The younger Murdock will go on making apologies till other media properties relent. Neil Postman was right all along. So, before we forget all the bad things media houses do, and amuse ourselves to death, something drastic needs to happen.

Why doesn't the UK government take over Sky, and all Murdock holdings as a lesson for all arrogant media companies? Of course, the thing will thenj go to nthe courts, but a bigger mess is needed to clear the existing mess. Sort of French revolution for the media.

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