How Now America Follows India's Lead

Posted on November 12, 2016 By newsroom Topic: Trump-presidency

In 2014, India 'escaped' from the clutches of a dynasty into the arms of a 56-inch chested nationalist. Now, America has run from a dynasty into the grubby arms of a nationalist. At the time of their fall, dynasties in both countries were led by un-charismatic people out of touch with what the common citizens were going through.


J Daniel Elam writes in the Scroll, asking if 'Hillary Clinton is the Rahul Gandhi of America'.

Both candidates, in 2014 and 2016, ran lacklustre campaigns. They ran on the dwindling steam of their family name. Gandhi and Clinton were largely out of touch with the populations they claimed to represent. Both of their campaigns were out of date, appealing to concerns of an earlier time and of a different population. Watching the Clinton campaign, it was hard not to imagine when, two years previously, Rahul Gandhi had worn a crisp white kurta to campaign in a muddy village field.

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