Google Nexus News roundup: complaints, new SDK etc...

On January 13, 2010 By tolstoy Topic: Wireless, Google, Googlephone, Android, Droid

A big product brings with it a whole ot of news, from customers, partners, reviewers, developers and so on.

Readwriteweb does a credible review of the Nexus One.
Consumer complaints for Nexus One are pouring in. Considering that it is launched on a large scale, even Google new three-pronged customer self-service strategy does not seem to be working so far  - Savvy internet users may be comfortable with using online forums to solve their forums, but normal gadget customers, $579 for the latest ‘super phone, are not as savvy.
One common consumer complaint seems to be about 3G capabilities of Nexus One , something acknowledged by the carrier T-Mobile as well.
The Motorola Touch screen did some tests and found out that Droid touch screen are less accurate than iPhone's. It must be clarified that they tested HTC's Droid Eris, not Nexus One.
New version of Android Software Developer Kit (SDK) is launched. The new SDK may be downloaded here
Over at, an Android Developer list his Top 10 plusses and minuses for the Android platform
News organization must start building applications for the Android platform as well, as this Poynter article points out.

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